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Uhavta Country Charm


Uhavta Country Charm

Uhavta Country Charm Photogallery

Uhavta Country Charm Progeny

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 Painting by Helen Coulter

Helen Coulter-equine Artist

Helen and Dylan: Adelaide Royal 2006


Black / Brown stallion, 14.2 HH

S: Urubula Regal Promise

(Rotherwood Footlight (Imp) / Urubula Promise)

D: Rajina Niki

(Indian Raj / Dacmay Talk)

 Registered: Riding pony , Arabian riding pony, Australian saddle pony and Australian Saddle Horse Association.



Victorian Arabian Classic- Photo credit: Derek O'Leary

Barastoc Horse of the Year show 2009- photo credit Derek O'Leary

Photo credit: Delwyn Moss

Photo of Dylan with David Warde-GVAHC 2008

photo credit: Julie WIlson

photo credit: Derek O'Leary

Urubula Regal Promise has progeny that has won at the highest level in led and saddle classes at Royal and National shows. Promise had a huge input into the breeding at Willowcroft stud.

Rajina Niki is a proven broodmare. Niki 's first three foals have won at National, and Royal shows. Not only in led but ridden also. Her fourth foal was gelded and will begin his saddle career next year in 2008.

Uhavta Country Charm (Dylan) has already proven himself in led and ridden at Royal shows.


Melbourne Royal Horse Show 2008 with Kate Dertell



Some  highlights of Dylan's Wins

  • Champion Led RPSB Colt (SA FOAL SHOW)

  • Champion Led ARAB Riding pony. (ARAB FOAL SHOW)


  • 2004 Champion led Galloway Stallion/colt: ADELAIDE ROYAL

  • 2004 GVAAC Champion Led Arabian/RP Exhibit.

  • 2005 1st Led Arab RP colt, 2ND Led Galloway colt and reserve champion Led ASPA Male; MELBOURNE SUMMER ROYAL.

  • 2005 DIAMOND SHOW CASE-Champion led Arabian Riding pony colt 2+3 YO.

  • Supreme led stallion/colt of the Swan Hill Show 2005

  • Supreme led Arabian derivative, Champion Arabian derivative stallion/colt, reserve champion Led ASPA exhibit-MILDURA AG SHOW 2005.

  • Reserve champion led open breeds colt and 1st ridden stallion/colt NE 15hh: MELBOURNE SUMMER ROYAL 2006.

  • Champion ridden Arabian derivative stallion ,Champion ridden arabian derivative rising star, reserve champion led Arabian riding pony colt and top ten derivative ridden Arabian show case  open breeds challenge (ridden By Michael Christie) :ULTIMATE ARABIAN SHOWCASE 2006.

  • Champion led galloway stallion, champion led Arabian derivative stallion/colt and SUPREME Arabian derivative exhibit; ADELAIDE ROYAL 2006.

  • CHAMPION led open breeds stallion, 1ST ridden stallion 14-15hh, Supreme Open Led Breeds Exhibit, Champion Arabian riding pony stallion/colt, 1ST ridden Arabian derivative and Champion ridded Arabian derivative exhibit: MELBOURNE SUMMER ROYAL 2007

  • Reserve champion led A.N.S.A. stallion or colt,2nd led and ridden Arabian derivative: CANBERRA ROYAL 2007.

  • champion and grand champion led senior Arabian derivative exhibit and 1st ridden arabian derivative stallion (Kate Dertell): Barastoc horse of the show 2008.

  • 2nd and reserve champion led riding pony stallion (Kate Dertell), 1st ridden arabian riding pony.: Melbourne Royal Horse Show 2008.

  • Champion led Arabian riding pony stallion and champion ridden Arabian derivative stallion: Arabian Diamond Showcase 2008.

  • Champion led riding pony stallion, ANSA exhibit, Arabian derivative stallion, galloway stallion, Supreme led stallion of show, reserve champion ridden riding pony, reserve champion ridden Arabian derivative, and champion ridden ANSA: Swan Hill Show 2008.

  • Supreme ridden arabian derivative, champion led arabian riding pony and champion open ridden arabian derivative: GVAHC championships 2008.

  • Supreme riding pony led, champion senior led riding pony, and champion ridden riding pony: Mildura ag show 2008.

  • Champion open ridden male over 14hh, Reserve champion led open stallion and reserve champion ridden Arabian Derivative exhibit: Melbourne Royal Horse Show 2009.

  • Champion led Senior Arabian Derivative, Grand Champion Led Arabian Derivative, Led Arabian Barastoc of the Year 2009, champion ridden Arabian derivative, Ridden Arabian Barastoc of the Year: Barastoc Horse of the Year show 2009.

  • Reserve champion A.N.S.A. led stallion: Canberra Royal Ag Show 2009.

  • Australian National champion Arabian Riding pony Stallion and Top five ridden Arabian derivative stallion: Australian Arabian Nationals 2009

  • Champion and Supreme led Arabian derivative, champion ridden Arabian derivative: Sydney Royal show 2009.

STUD FEE:  Private Treaty Only




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