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Uhavta Aristocrat (AI)

Owned By the Boerlage Family

(Sufton Romany Lore Imp- UK / Weston Cassie)


My name is Trish Boerlage and I bought a pony bred by your stud.. Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how Lyric is going. He has been attending pony club with my oldest daughter who is now 13 for just over a year. Although a little bit of a rocky start at first when we first starting exposing him to many different things, he is now a fantastic little pony who is muched loved by our family. He was a bit of a nervous fellow when we first bought him and had quite a few cold backed episodes, but these are less and less frequent now with lots of work and the occasional visit from our physio. He is more likely to have a little bit of a hump in the winter if he is feeling stiff and cold.

Lyric is a fantastic little jumper who easily glides over gr 3 jumps although he is doing gr 4 pony club at the moment. He is extremely careful and accurate, never knocking a pole and rarely refusing a jump even if he is petrified of what he’s being confronted with. He is now a very brave little man who receives lots of attention and praiseworthy comments from by standers. He never fizzes or gets hot around the cross country course. You could choose to walk him around or gallop him around. He will do what ever is asked of him. It is very hard to find ponies like this out there. His dressage is good however he prefers not to be the show pony type and have his head locked up. He is much happier just being a free spirit and being allowed to gallop and canter around on a loose rein or be jumping all day as this is what he loves to do most of all. This is what my daughters love to do most so the match has been perfect. My younger daughter who is 10 has started to ride him now, taking him to a few jump clinics etc. She loves him too and is looking forward to moving onto him soon.

He is a trustworthy and honest pony now. We weren’t sure of this when we first bought him and I know that his beginnings with other families  weren’t so great either. So I thought you might be interested in this information seeing as you bred this little man. Although extremely alert you could compare his temperament and trustworthiness now to a 20 yr old pony who has been there and done that. We love him very much and will be sad when the day comes that we have to move him on.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this info. Thankyou for a lovely pony


  • The girls are doing a Will Ezzinger jump clinic on Sunday. I'll try and get some good pics of lyric {Tailem} and e-mail them to you. He is currently jumping 90cms with ease and shows up allot of the thoroughbreds and larger breeds. He is a head turner of a pony when people see what he is capable of and how easy he achieves these heights. Your letter was very informative. I'm sure you must be pleased to hear that he has turned into the perfect childs pony after regular exposure and outings. We have been very patient with him and he has rewarded us with his now new temperament and willingness to please.

  • Here is a cruisy shot of my younger daughter who is ten riding lyric at the Will jump clinic a couple of weeks ago. My older daughter Megan has hurt two of her fingers {not from riding} and has been unable to ride her pony so Cassie the younger one has taken the opportunity to pinch him for the next few weeks while her fingers are healing. She chipped a bone trying to stop a rolling tyre as it was coming down the hill.  Silly bugger!!


  • Here are some more pics of Lyric having a go at games. No problem. I can do this he says. The girls give me a hard time at home having to carry buckets and ribbons and sticks. I'm not scared. Weaving, yep done this at home before too, just have to try and catch that horses tail in front of me. Everyone is screaming and cheering for me to catch up.

  • Alot of horses bolted doing this race when the ribbon drited over their bottoms. Not Lyric. He is the pony to the left. This is Cassies best friend. They look like two peas in a pod on their ponies. The insructor always gets them mixed up. I love the looks on the girls faces when they are having so much fun

  • Wait for Sable Lyric otherwise we're going to drop the ribbon. Home straight is ahead.

  • These pics are from yesterdays ponyclub rally. When Megan is back up and riding again, I'll send you some very cool jumping pics. He's a rippa little jumper doing gr 3 now. Hope you've enjoyed the pics Kind regards Trish and girls


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