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NEWS  2021

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All owners of Uhavta horses we are happy to share your news.

 Please email photos and results.

August 2021



July 2021

  • Alannah has been busy schooling ponies and breaking some in


Uhavta Raise Your Glass



June 2021

  • We received Henry and Cotten's rugs from the Mildura Complex show. Our horses will wear these beautiful rugs to keep warm. Thank you.

  • Time for the show team to return to the stables.


May 2021

  • Ponies have been spelling. Alannah has been busy breaking in other ponies and educating ponies and thoroughbreds.

  • We have been busy weaning our thoroughbred foal and friend thoroughbred foals.

  • We also purchased two youngsters to join the racing team (Pete and Glen)

Photo of Pete , chestnut colt by Nostradamus / Secret Cove

No photos yet of Glen-chetnut colt by Rich Enuff / Glen Shian


Noles family purchased: Filly (Dissident / La Sangre)

April 2021

Australian Saddle Pony-Victorian Championships for (2020) in 2021





  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty

    • Champion Led ASPA Mare 13.2-14hh

    • Champion led senior handler (Alannah)

    • Champion ridden ASP exhibit 13.2-14.2hh

    • Champion ridden studbook exhibit

    • Champion Led Senior ASPA Studbook exhibit

    • Supreme Led ASP Senior exhibit

    • Supreme ridden ASPA exhibit

  • Uhavta Negligee

    • Champion 2020 ridden newcomer exhibit

    • Reserve champion led ASPA exhibit mare 11-12.2hh

    • Reserve Champion Senior ASPA Studbook exhibit



  • Chippenham Bondi Blonde

    • Champion led ASPA Mare 12.2-13.2hh

    • Champion led dual registered senior ASP exhibit

    • Reserve champion led AOB ASPA Female

    • Reserve champion ridden ASPA 12.2-13.2hh


Dilutes Australia Ltd.-Victorian Championships for (2020) in 2021

  • Chippenham Bondi Blonde

    • Champion Adult  ridden dilute exhibit

    • Reserve champion led senior palomino

    • Reserve champion ridden dilute pony

    • Reserve champion ridden palomino


March 2021


Uhavta Horses for sale-please go to our for sales page. Horses will be removed over winter months for sale.





Mildura Complex EV Annual Show


  •  A great show with lots of classes and awards. We ventured off early in the morning just having to keep our eyes open dodging the kangaroos. We have personally thanked via facebook the sponsors as this it what makes this show a great show. Special thankyou to Mildura Rug Repairs and RT Automotive for sponsoring the two rugs we won. Out horses will wear them with pride.

  • Highlights Were:

    • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Supreme ridden open horse of show

    • Uhavta Negligee-Champion ridden small pony and did a beautiful work out in the supreme ridden

    • Now Or Never-Supreme Ridden Hunter of Show

    • Alannah-winner Smartest on Parade and Reserve Champion Rider.


Uhavta Imitation: Returns home from the Boyle Family. Thanks for taking wonderful care of her. Pink will be put in foal at the end of the year and will be a long wait until next year. (Photos of Pink below when we were showing her) We cant wait to see what Babies she produces)








Cohuna Ag Show

  • Took a team of horses to Cohuna. Great day out. Uhavta Nice N Naughty Supreme Led Breeds. (Thanks Nadine for grabbing the reins whilst we were in the other rings).


February 2021


Baractoc HOTY (photo credits-Derek O'Leary)


  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty: 5th owner rider ridden large pony, 1st led part welsh over 13.2hh senior, 2nd ridden part welsh over 13.2hh

  • Uhavta Negligee: Top 5 newcomer small pony.

  • Now Or Never: 5th Led large hunter hack OTT

Didnít stay for opens and Alannahís rider the next day as went down for weekend before and COVID snap down for 5 days.

Decided not to pack for overnight. Helen drove down and back. We left at 130 in the morning and got home at 2230.


January 2021




  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty: Top five led large pony, Top Ten ridden large pony

  • Uhavta Negligee: Top 5 debutantes small pony.

  • Now Or Never: Top 10 large hunter hack, 3rd in both led and ridden OTT hunter hack (Received a first from one judge in both sections)









Photo credits: Lisa Gordon and Angie Rickard




North Central APSB Summer Breeds show


Than you to Mitch Fox and Brooke Sweeney for show Uhavta Top That for us.



  • Uhavta Top That-Best Yearling exhibit ASP and part welsh and reserve champion led juniour part welsh exhibit

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion led APSB RP Mare, Champion Led ASPA senior exhibit

  • Chippenham Bondi Blonde-Champion led part welsh senior, champion ridden pony ne 12.2hh, champion ridden ASP, Alannah champion rider-DEVA, Reserve champion ridden DEVA exhibit.


EV Summer Breeds Show-WPNEC


Thank you to our helpers Kristy Thompson,Kim and Gracie Humphreys Stewie Robinson for leading in a championship Mitch Fox for campaigning Top That

to our wonderfull sponsors thankyou #hygain. #divineequinebrowband



thank you to the RPSB sponsors , the Walsh Family and Barington Stud (Pauline Alker)



  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-

    • Champion led senior Show Riding pony,

    • Supreme Led Senior riding pony and

    • Reserve champion ridden show pony.


  • Uhavta Negligee-

    • 1st led , 1st ridden riding pony show pony ne 12.2hh ,

    • 1st ridden 2020 newcomer ridden show pony ne 12.2hh


  • Chippenham Bondi Blonde-

    • 2nd led , 2nd ridden riding pony show pony ne 12.2hh


  • Uhavta Top That-

    • 1st led riding pony yearling 12.2 to 13.2hh

Arabian Summer Show

  • Uhavta Top That-

    • Reserve champion led junior ARP exhibit


  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty -

    • Top 5 ARP senior



A massive thank you to Barwon View Stud and Jenna Bachman for sponsoring the APSB RP in the POY ring.

Thankyou to Grace Humphreys for leading Uhavta Negligee. It was great catching up with friends beside the Palomino ring. Thanks Emma Copley for leading Blondie in body colour.


  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-

    • champion led and champion ridden APSB RPOTY


  • Uhavta Negligee-

    • Runner up led and Runner Up  ridden APSB RPOTY

Palomino Summer Show

  • Chippenham Bondi Blonde-

    • 2nd best presented,

    • best body colour exhibit of show,

    • champion led palomino mare, and

    • champion ridden palomino under 14.2hh




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