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NEWS  2018

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September 2019

MacQuarrie Banks SHC ACT and SH Horse Association

Congratulations to owners of Uhavta Impressive and Uhavta Jackpot

  • Uhavta Impressive (Hannah Fischer and Sarah Wheaton); The "Sanden Equestrian"  large hunter Galloway winner

  • Uhavta Jackpot: (Elka and Kristi Helene): Elka champion rider 9-12 years.

Uhavta Impressive and Sarah Wheaton

Uhavta Jackpot and Elka


August 2018

Wentworth Ag show-quick trip up and back, dodging kangaroos.

  • Uhavta Kemsington: winner and champion ridden large pony

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime: winner and reserve champion ridden hunter Galloway.

July 2018

Elmore Equestrian Interschools competition


  • Alannah entered Uhavta Kensington and Uhavta Inutne N Intime and came home with a huge smile. The team was Grace Humphreys and Abbey Arbuckle. Support crew Lily Humphreys, Kim Humphreys , Robyn Burns and the Arbuckle clan.

  • It was blowing a gale all weekend

  • Alannah was so pleased with her team

    • Uhavta Intune N Intime 3rd overall in the Show hunter secondary section (placed in all the Led , ridden and rider)

    • Uhavta Kensington was 5th in the ridden show horse secondary section

  • Then she had a go at dressage.

    • Uhavta Intune N Intime preliminary senior got a 2nd and 11th.

    • Uhavta Kensington Preliminary senior got a 15 and 16th.


  • More photos received from Samantha Taylor from foal show (VAHA , L&B FLoats)

June 2018


Photos Beauty and The Huntress


Echuca/Moama Foal show

  • Uhavta Raise Your Glass Supreme Led foal of ring one, Supreme led arabian / Arabian derivative foal, Champion led Arabian Derivative foal, Reserve champion led riding pony exhibit.

Photos Beauty and The Huntress

  • Uhavta Rumour Hasit -2nd led part welsh filly, 4th led RP filly, 4th led open filly. (first show after cutting head open at weaning time, was a little gem.)

May 2018

More Photos to come

VAHA /L&B Floats Foal and Youngstock show

  • Uhavta Raise Your Glass : Champion led riding pony foal, champion Led part welsh foal, Top 5 Arabian Riding Pony colt, Top 5 Any other breed foal


Photo Credit: Carmel Pethick.

NEB group foal show

  • Uhavta Raise Your Glass: Champion Led Part welsh colt, champion led riding pony exhibit, champion led arabian derivative exhibit, Supreme led part welsh.


Victorian Riding Pony Foal Show

  • Uhavta Raise Your Glass: Reserve Champion Led Riding pony colt and Champion Led part welsh exhibit.


Photos; Samantha Taylor

  • Uhavta Raise our Glass -Has been to two foal shows Yarra Valley RPG and WPCSOA; Champion led part welsh colt and Champion led Arabian Derivative colt and Gippsland RPG foal show: Reserve champion led part welsh colt. Thanks Kyle you are doing a great job with Ryder.



VALE Our Beautiful Buttons

Sire: Strinesdale Master Mind (UK)
Dam Silkwood Mustard Seed (Carolina's Cats Whiskers / Kiddlewick Keepsake)
Our beautiful Buttons was laid to rest today with her friend Boonee. Buttons gave us the most wonderful time showing her to many major wins across the country. The most notable being Supreme yearling at the RP pageant and Supreme led at the National RPOTY show. Then she became an invaluable broodmare producing the most stunning foals that have won numerous champions and supreme's and all three fillies will never leave the stud. Thanks to Kerry Dunstan for initially being the agent for the Strinesdale Master Mind semen. Thanks also goes to a wonderful friend today for being here.
Buttons has also had some wonderful siblings that we enjoyed showing. Uhavta Diamonds N Dreams (full brother Dec), Uhavta Glitz N Glamour, Uhavta Intune N Intime, Uhavta Love N Life, Uhavta Melody N Music, Uhavta One N Only.
You will remain in our heart forever and we will see your beautiful poppy eyes every time we look at your daughters.
Love you always xoxo





April 2018

  • Uhavta Raise our Glass -getting ready for foal shows, with Kyle Baboth


ordered some professional photos from Angie Rickard



Uhavta Myluckyday with Emma Donnelly

owned by Bronwyn Parker

at Battle of the Borders




Uhavta Kensington and Alnnah

At Barastoc HOTY




Uhavta Kensington and Alannah





Uhavta Kensington and Alannah

at VASL saddlehorse championships

Uhavta Intune N Intime and Alannah

at VASL saddlehorse championships





Uhavta Linen N Lace with Alannah

at Barastoc 2017



Uhavta Kensington at SHCV Masters



Uhavta Kensington and Alannah

At SHCV Junior showcase 2017




Uhavta Myluckyday and Alannah

at Melbourne Royal 2017

Uhavta Myluckyday and Kyle Baboth

at Melbourne Royal 2017

Gentleman's Galloway




Uhavta Myluckyday and Alannah

at SHC Masters 2016

March 2018

Grand Nationals 2018

photo credit: Little More Grace

Instructor: Judi Kaponica



Cohuna Ag

photo : Sarah Parker

  • Uhavta Linen N Lace, Uhavta Intune N Intime and Uhavta Kensington-wins and saddle.

  • Uhavta Kensington: Supreme ridden pony 12.2-14hh. Champion led ASP exhibit, Reserve champion led riding pony

  • Uhavta Linen N Lace: Champion led RP exhibit, Reserve champion led ASP exhibit, Champion riddens breed, Supreme led Breeds.


Wakool Ag


  • Uhavta Linen N Lace and Uhavta Intune N Intime-wins and saddle and champion led APSB RP and Champion led Arabian Derivative. Alannah Reserve champion rider.


February 2018

Deniliquin Ag show

  • Uhavta Kensington- Champion ridden large pony.

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime-Champion ridden hunter Galloway

  • Uhavta Linen N Lace-Champion ridden hunter pony.


Rochester Ag show

  • Uhavta Kensington-Champion led ASP male, Champion led part welsh male, Champion led RPSBS male, Champion ridden ASP,   Champion ridden RPSB ,  Reserve champion ridden large pony

  • Uhavta Linen N Lace-Champion led ASP Mare, Supreme led ASP exhibit ,  Champion led part welsh Mare ,Champion led RPSB Mare , 2nd ridden large hunter pony



Canberra Royal

Uhavta Nice N Naughty

photo credit: Little More Grace

Uhavta Nice N Naughty (Mitch Fox) and Uhavta Intune N Intime (Kyle Baboth)

Uhavta Quick N Quirky (Kyle Baboth)

Uhavta Myluckyday (owned Bronwyn Parker, led by Emma Donnelly)

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime-1st led ASP mare over 13.2hh ne 14.2hh, 1st led Arabian derivative mare ne 14.2hh, 4th led part welsh mare over 13hh.

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-1st led APSB PB over 13hh, 5th led ASP over 13.2hh ne 14.2hh.

  • Uhavta Quick N Quirky-2nd led RPSB yearling filly, 4th led  part welsh filly.

  • Uhavta Myluckyday (owned by Bronwyn Parker) -3rd led Galloway over 14.2 ne 15hh gelding, 6th ridden lightweight Galloway over 14.2hh ne 15hh.

  • Uhavta Impressive (owned by Hannah Fischer)


Battle of the Borders 2018

photo credit: Angie Rickard

  • Uhavta Myluckyday-congratulations to Bronwyn Parker, Emma Donnelly (Emerald Equestrian) with their outstanding results with Murphy. First led large Galloway and best large Galloway exhibit. Champion junior large saddle Galloway. (Qualified Grand Nationals 2019)


Barastoc EA HOTY

  • Uhavta Kensington

    • 3rd newcomer large pony and Top 10- open large pony

    • RPSB Summer Festival; 1st led (missed multiple classes due to EA ring)

    • Welsh Ring -1st and champion ridden part welsh


    • Uhavta Intune N Intime

      • RPSB Summer Festival; 1st ridden child's hunter riding pony and champion child's ridden hunter, 1st ridden hunter RP 13.2-14.2, reserve champion ridden hunter, 2nd and reserve champion led hunter

      • Welsh Ring -2nd ridden part welsh hunter over 14hh, missed led.


    Tynderra Ag Show


  • Uhavta Imitation: shown by Rowena and Lauren Boyle: champion led riding pony, champion led pony, reserve champion led part welsh.


Vale-Uhavta Miss Deception (8/2/17)


Our condolences to Bobby Hammet and family.
Vale: Uhavta Miss Deception (Jackets Bluebird / Rajina Nikki)
DOB 29/10/1999 to 8/02/2018
˝ sister to Uhavta Springtime Attraction, Uhavta Country Charm and Uhavta Entertainer.
Dam of Hamlot park Royal Quest, Hamlot Park Royal Rose, Hamlot Park Minuet, Hamlot Park Deception, Hamlot Park Splendour, and Hamlot Park Africa.
I remember camping with Bobby at Barastoc and Bobby was saying she couldn’t find a Galloway.
I said we had one that had been shown at Melbourne Royals and Adelaide Royal and was still maturing in paddock.
The rest is history, you took one look and fell in love.
Uhavta Miss Deception (Phoebe) has been a wonderful mare for you and your daughters.
I remember multiple people wanting to buy her. (big breeders and you said never for sale).
The first supreme rug you won at Mildura show and you cried with happiness and slept with the rug.
Then you rode her at Barastoc for runner Up. You were so nervous, but at the end you were elated.
Then to watch all your daughters ride her at different times of their riding careers.
As breeders we are glad of the life that you gave Phoebe, the showing career and then her wealth as a broodmare.
She had stunning foals with your prefix and we look forward to following the dynasty that she has created for you and the Hamlot Stud Name




  • Uhavta Kensingston-runner up intermediate large pony

  • Uhavta Kensington and Uhavta Intune N Intime both shyed in their open large pony and small hunter Galloway class and still managed to both get into the Top Tens.



Summer Festival

Victorian Riding Pony Of the Year Show

Credit: Tungarra Photography

  • Uhavta Kensington

    • Finalist in-hand Show pony 12.2-13.2hh

    • Runner Up in-hand senior show pony

    • Finalist in-hand home produced senior show Pony

    • Champion in-hand home produced senior show Pony

    • Astral Park Supreme In Hand Senior riding pony

    • Finalist ridden show pony 12.2-13,2hh

    • Champion ridden RP show Pony

    • Amy Stewart Memorial Supreme ridden riding pony

    • 1st ridden newcomer sweepstakes 12.2-13.2hh,

    • Champion 2017 newcomer ,

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime

    • Finalist ridden RP hunter 13.2-14.2hh

    • Champion ridden RP hunter exhibit

    • Finalist in-hand hunter 13.2-14.2hh


  • Uhavta Quick N Quirky

    • Finalist in-hand



Equestrian Victoria summer show

  • Uhavta Kensington: 1st and reserve champion led pony, 2nd ridden pony over 13hh ne 14hh

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime: 1st small hunter galloway and champion led hunter Galloway



Foal pictures 15/01/18

Ryder-Uhavta Country Charm /Knightsbridge Royale

Remy-Uhavta Country Charm / Raleigh Night Moves



Victorian Saddle-horse Championships-VASA

  • Uhavta Kensington:

    • Finalist Rising Star

    • Top five Rising Star

    •  Finalist open large pony

    • Top five open large pony

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime

    • Child’s small Galloway 2nd

    • Finalist small Galloway

    • Top five open Galloway


  • Congratulation to the Jacob family with Uhavta Hotpants making the hunter pony finals and Kady Morre with Uhavta Hubba Bubba-Runner Up Hunter Galloway.


Uhavta Myluckyday-Has been sold to NSW. We look forward to hearing of Murphy's results with his new owner.


January 1st 2018




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