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2006 NEWS

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December 2006

Kingston Show

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: (shown by David Warde) 1st and reserve champion ridden large pony.

  • Uhavta Bossie Boots: (owned by Hannah Tempany) 1st Smartest on Parade 8 & u 12 yrs, 1st Led Pony Gelding u 14 hands, 1st Open Ridden Pony 13.2-14 h, 1st Open Rider 10 & u 12 yrs, Champion Rider under 12 years.


Traralgon Ag Show

  • Uhavta Earle of Arrogance (AI): (owned by Jorja Elfring) Champion ridden riding pony show hunter and 1st and reserve champion ridden open show hunter galloway.

November 2006

Yarram AG show

  • Uhavta Earle of Arrogance (AI): (owned by Jorja Elfring) Champion ridden show hunter galloway.

Manduarng Show

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: (shown by David Warde) Champion led pony, Supreme led exhibit, champion ridden pony and Supreme ridden pony of show.


Hygain-Show Hack Council 2006

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: Final ten debutantes large pony, 6th ridden intermediate large pony.

Thank you to David Warde for preparing Buttons and thank you to Lani Seddon and Kady Moore for riding her at this show



Welsh youngstock show Ballarat

Congratulations to Murraygold Stud with their success with Uhavta Royal Enchantment and Uhavta Royal Fairytale. See owners page for details.


Riding pony Pageant show:

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: 1st led arabian derivative mare, 2nd part welsh mare and 3rd ridden Arabian Derivative mare/gelding 13-14.2hh (ridden by Lani Seddon)

Uhavta Buttons N Bows being ridden by Lani Seddon

Photo credit: Bridey Lee

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: 2nd led riding pony 2yo filly ne 13.1hh, 2nd led Arabian derivative 2yo filly.


Echuca Ag show:

  • congratulations to Uhavta Bossie Boots and Blushing Jayden for their recent success. (see owners pages)

  • Blushing Jayden: Champion led hack and champion led throughbred.

  • A message from Hannah and Louise who own Uhavta Bossie Boots:                               "We went to Myrtleford and Echuca shows, where Kalvy went champion Ridden and led pony at both, as well as smartest on parade and rider wins and championships. Kalvy is a dear little pony and Hannah just loves him to bits"


Murray Loddon Promotional group pony show

  •  Supreme champion led registered pony of show, supreme champion led part welsh exhibit, champion led part welsh mare/filly, reserve champion led ASPA mare/filly, champion led APSB riding pony exhibit, reserve champion led senior riding pony, and reserve champion ridden newcomer riding pony.


photo credit: D Moss

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: Supreme champion led ASPA exhibit, champion led ASPA mare/filly, champion led open pony, and reserve champion led part welsh mare/filly.


congratulations to Murraygold stud with Uhavta Royal Enchantment Supreme led welsh exhihit-see owners page

photo credit: D Moss

October 2006

Foaling news

Mildura Show

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: Champion ridden newcomer riding pony, champion led ASP exhibit, champion ridden part welsh exhibit, champion led arabian derivative mare/filly, supreme champion led arabian derivative

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: reserve champion led part welsh exhibit, reserve champion part bred APSB/APSB RP exhibit.

  • Thank you to Nerida Morrish for leading Rose in events for us at Mildura show.

  • Black Bikini (Brit Henderson-Wilson): champion ridden hack, 6th grand-slam hack, 1st in led and ridden thoroughbred



  • Uhavta Bossie Boots:  (alias Calvin) has been sold to Louise and Hannah Tempany of Mulwala, NSW. We congratulate them on their first show together winning with outstanding results at the Wangaratta show.

  •  Champion led pony, Supreme led exhibit of show.

  • 1st intermediate pony, 1st ridden pony 13.2-14hh and champion ridden large pony in the first ring. 1st turnout 10-12 years.


We are so proud of Uhavta Buttons N Bows who has truely commenced her career now under saddle. Still green but going kindly and getting better every time she competes. Buttons competed under saddle at Swan Hill, Kerang, St Arnard, Warracknabeal, Donald, and Bendigo GVAAC within the week on the show circuit. We thank all the judges that gave us very positive comments through out the week.



  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: champion led Arabian riding pony exhibit

  • Thank you to Ashley Mangan for leading Uhavta Buttons & Bows

Donald Ag Show

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: Reserve champion RPSB young stock exhibit

St Arnard

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows:  reserve champion intermediate ridden pony.

Kerang Ag.

Uhavta Buttons N Bows and Helen

Photo credit: Steph Pinton

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: champion led RPSB exhibit. champion led pony mare

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: Reserve champion RPSB young stock exhibit

Swan Hill Show

  • Uhavta Country Charm: champion led Arabian derivative male, Reserve champion led stallion, reserve champion Any other breed.

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: Champion led and ridden district exhibit, reserve champion led pony mare, reserve champion led pony (day 2) reserve champion ridden AOB NE 14hh.

  •  Uhavta Royal Emerald: Reserve champion led young stock exhibit.

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: Champion led and ridden buckskin exhibit, reserve champion ridden pony NE 12.2hh in ring 1,2, & 3.Champion part welsh ridden exhibit and reserve champion led Arabian derivative mare/filly.

Truganina Werribee


congratulations to Jorja and Uhavta Earle of Arrogance on their recent success.

  • Uhavta Earle Of Arrogance (AI)(Jorja Elfring): Champion Led (open), Champion Hunter ridden. Also congratulation to Jorja and her other galloway on winning champion rider under 16 years, reserve champion galloway, and 1st in ladies galloway on Highgrove Covergirl

September 2006

Silver City Show

  • Black Bikini (Brit Henderson-Wilson): Wow what do we say, what an outstanding show, congratulations.

  • SATURDAY:1st Led Hack Mare, 1st Smartest on Parade over 18 years, 2nd Hack 15.2 - 16hh, 1st Lightweight Hack, 1st Open Hack, Reserve Champion Hack, 1st District Rider over 18 years, Champion District Rider, 1st Rider 21 - 30 years, Champion Senior Rider, & Supreme Rider of Show

  • SUNDAY:1st Led Thoroughbred Mare, Reserve Champ Led Thoroughbred, 1st Led Mare suitable to breed Hacks and Hunters over 14.2hh, Champion Led Mare suitable to breed Hacks and Hunters, 1st Ridden Thoroughbred Mare and Champion Ridden Thoroughbred.

Adelaide Royal

  • Black Bikini: Did well in her novice, open and Brit in rider class.

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: 5th novice pony 12-12.2hh ridden by Bridget O'Bree (a special thankyou to Pat Croft for taking Sophie across and allowing her daughter Bridget to ride, and to Kady Moore and Vicki Morris for preparing Sophie)

  • Uhavta Bossie Boots: 6th novice pony 13.2-14hh ridden and prepared by David Ward.

  • Uhavta Buttons and Bows: 2nd led and reserve champion riding pony mare, 1st led arabian derivative ne 14hh.

  • Uhavta Country Charm: 1st and champion led galloway stallion/colt, 1st and champion led arabian derivative stallion/colt, supreme led arabian derivative exhibit.

Left: Uhavta Country Charm

Right: Uhavta Buttons & Bows

  • Also congratulations to Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Murraygold Stud) reserve champion led palomino mare/filly and to Hamlot Park Royal Quest (Ascot Royal Tribute AI / Uhavta Miss Deception) -Bobby Hammet, reserve champion ASP stallion/colt.

  • Also thank you to Sam Fenna for all his assistance at this show. (Our good luck charm)

Sam with Uhavta Country Charm


Bendigo Pre Royal


Left: Uhavta Royal Emerald, Right: Uhavta Buttons & Bows

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: Supreme led Riding pony exhibit, Champion led riding pony mare/filly,Reserve champion led APSB riding pony Mare/filly ,Reserve champion led part welsh mare/filly , Reserve champion led pony filly

  • Uhavta Buttons and Bows: Supreme led APSB riding pony exhibit ,Champion led APSB riding pony mare/filly, Reserve champion ridden APSB riding pony exhibit (Buttons), Reserve champion led pony mare

Also congratulations to Murraygold stud with the success of Uhavta Royal Enchantment: Supreme champion Palomino exhibit, champion led palomino mare/filly, champion led open pony filly. Uhavta Royal Fairytale, 1st led yearling filly.


Thank you to Vera And Tom James for allowing us to lease the beautiful Galloway mare Glenkirra Martika (Glen Cree Classic Imp / Geroa Alison). Martika was an exquisite show mare and won numerous championships in ridden and Led. Was also champion Galloway mare at Melbourne summer royal. Martika is the dam of Glenkirra Perigee and Glenkirra Tall Poppy. We look forward to getting her in foal to Uhavta Country Charm.

August 2006

  • Congratulations to Uhavta Miss Deception and Bobby Hammet; Supreme ridden exhibit at Wentworth Agricultural show.

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: (Kady Moore)

    • 3rd preliminary junior dressage

    • 1st ridden pony 12-12.2hh

    • 2nd ridden pony 12-12.2hh and reserve champion ridden pony NE 14hh

    • 2nd ridden intermediate pony

    • 3rd led pony 12-13hh

    • 2nd ridden pony 12-12.2hh

    • 1st led part bred arabian female

    • 3rd led ASPA mare

    • 3rd ridden riding pony.

June, July 2006

June and July have still been busy months for us, working thoroughbred's, and ponies for the up and coming show season. In addition preparing horses for sale.

The end of July we did a seminar at the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital.

  • We attended the breeders conference at the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital seminar. It is a three day course that is run by the clinic head veterinary surgeons Mr. Angus McKinnon and Mr. Jim Vasey. The course is extremely well presented and has heaps of information from specialists, across the board, looking at the normal reproductive system and anatomy of stallions / mares,

  • The normal reproductive cycle. Enhancing the reproductive cycle.

  • Problem births and the normal birthing process.

  • Reproductive surgery.

  • Neonatal care or the premature foal /dummie foal etc

  • Foals with leg deformities and when to do surgery.

  • Pasture management.

  • Practical lab at the Veterinary clinic, allowing us to meet other staff that work at the clinic, behind the scenes.

  • Artificial semination, with fresh and frozen semen. It also look at the progression of artificial breeding with ET and ICSI techniques and even cloning.

  • and much much more.

  • It is a course that we highly recommend. It costs around $660 per person and is worth every cent. It also included morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a delightful evening dinner on the Saturday night.

  • The course is run around June/July every year and is a must for people who are in the breeding game and who foal down your own mares to prepare breeders for what they can face.

  • For more information contact www.gvequine.com.au

May 2006

  • Thankyou to Jorja and Debbie for sending us a photo of Uhavta Earle of arrogance (AI) and a message just to say that they love him.

  • Congratulations to Bobby Hammet with Hamlot Park Royal Quest (Ascot Royal Tribute (AI) / Uhavta Miss Deception) and their wins at the WPCS foal show at Tautra.

    • champion riding pony colt

    • champion APSB-Riding Pony

    • champion part welsh colt

    • Supreme part welsh.


  • We wish to announce that Blushing Jayden is now with Melissa Molloy and family and we wish them a barrage of success and look forward to hearing of all their success's with him in the future.

April 2006

  • We would like to announce the arrival of two new mares to our broodmare band. They where both purchased from the recent Calwalla dispersal sale. Kirreway Vision and Kirreway Dover. Kirreway Vision is by Carolinas Cats Whiskers (Imp) / Kirreway Peacetime and Kirreway Dover is a half sister to our mare that we lost last year Kirreway Folksong , Dover is by Small-Land Mascot (Imp) / Kirreway Larina. We look forward to breeding them at the end of this year.

Kirreway Dover


  • Uhavta Royal Antique: (Kady Moore) Champion led small pony and champion ridden small pony-Mildura Alcheringa PC show. Show.

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: (Euston Ag Show)

    • 1st ridden pony 12-12.2hh and reserve champion

    • 2nd ridden small pony 12-12.2hh

    • 1st led best presented buckskin, 2nd led buckskin mare and reserve champion

    • 1st ridden buckskin and champion ridden coloured breeds

    • 1st ridden riding pony


March 2006

  • Uhavta Earle of Arrogance (Jorja Elfring)Jorja won every class on the Saturday (gymkahana) and Sunday (AGi) with both her galloways (Jock and Nef)....Jock went Champion Galloway (Open) on Saturday and Reserve Champion Hunter on Sunday...Jorja went Champion Rider (Champion rider for all ages which included the seniors) Orbost Show .

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: (Kady Moore) champion ridden small pony-Cohuna Ag Show.

Congratulations Jorja and Jock

Ultimate Arabian showcase 2006

  • Uhavta Country Charm: (ridden By Michael Christie) Champion ridden Arabian derivative stallion, champion ridden Arabian derivative rising star, reserve champion Led Arabian riding pony colt and top ten in the ultimate derivative Arabian showcase open breed challenge.

  • Uhavta stud would like to thank all the people who have e-mailed and telephoned ,to congratulate us on Uhavta Royal Antiques win at Barastoc. It was very pleasing and has actually bought a tear to our eyes. Thank you once again to the people we knew and did not know. It has truly been appreciated.


  • Uhavta Royal Fariytale :     S O L D  to Murraygold stud.

  • Uhavta Royal Enchantment: Congratulations to ( Sharyn Mangan) Champion palomino mare/filly and Supreme led palomino, champion led open small pony and reserve champion led arabian derivative at Wakool Show 2006

February 2006


Barastoc Horse of the year show; 2006

See photo gallery for more photos;

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: Tack Box Saddlery: Champion newcomer small pony n.e 12.2hh (ridden by Kady Moore) Thank you to Judy Kaponica in the assistance with training Sophie.


photo credit: oz photography

Photo credit: Murraygold

Congratulations to all the other competitors that made the final top ten.
Section 2 Newcomer Classes

Class 9 The Tack Box Saddlery - Newcomer Small Pony of the Year 12.2hh and under

Judge: Jan Lyons

Placing Exhibit Number Exhibit Rider
Champion 760 Uhavta Royal Antique Kody Moore
Reserve Champion 59 Beckworth Rising Sunbonnet Chelsea Hennig
Finalists1 326 Imperial McLennan Rebecca Ross
2 441 Maison Park Witchcraft Briony Payne
3 788 Whitmere Chitter Chatter Miss Sarah Dempsey
4 183 Dunelm Cameo Maddison Zammit
5 26 Ascot Gold Edition Carrie Hammet
6 520 Naruni Park Buttons n Bows Tayla Bersey
7 352 Karanah Park Mayfair Laura Heffer
8 742 Tooravale Perrier Bianca Schewtschenko

  • Uhavta Bossie Boots: Top ten newcomer large pony (ridden by Lani Seddon) Trained by David Ward.

    photo credit: oz photography

    Congratulations to all the other competitors that made the final top ten.

    Section 2 Newcomer Classes

    Class 8 The Newcomer Large Pony of the Year over 12.2 hh and not exceeding 14 hh

    Judge: Scott Adams

    Placing Exhibit Number Exhibit Rider
    Champion 126 Castleton Velvet Roses S J Burt
    Reserve Champion 448 Mandaley Pure Silk (AI) Amy Stewart
    Finalists1 224 Fairlight Acres True Colours Abby Clark
    2 758 Uhavta Bossie Boots David Warde
    3 303 Helden Park Petite Rachael Addison
    4 198 Elm Tree Elegant Fashion Melissa Julius
    5 664 Sanlirra Pageboy Lynda Hayes
    6 67 Bellview Park Christian S Reed
    7 473 Mirinda Chanel Laura Thomas
    8 227 Falconhurst World Class Abby Clark

    Congratulations to

  • Uhavta Royal Enchantment:( Sharyn Mangan) Champion palomino mare/filly .

  • Condolences to Uhavta Anastasia and Kady Moore who was unable to compete at Barastoc due to injuring herself in the float.


Uhavta Country Charm (Michael Christie): February Horse scene 2006.

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: Finalist led riding pony mare/gelding NE 12.2hh, and 1st ridden riding pony newcomer 12.2hh and under. Riding pony Classic

  • Uhavta Bossie Boots: Finalist led riding pony mare/gelding 12.2 to 13.2hh. Riding pony classic.

Congratulations to

  • Uhavta Royal Enchantment:( Sharyn Mangan) Champion palomino mare/filly and supreme led palomino exhibit (ASSPS state championship)

  • Uhavta Anastasia (Kady Moore) Champion youth dressage, Champion led Arabian Riding pony mare/filly, reserve champion Arabian stock horse, reserve champion hunter, Reserve champion ridden derivative. (Arabian Feature Show)


Photo credit: Oz Photography

January 2006

Victorian APSB State Show.

  • Uhavta Buttons and Bows: 1st Led APSB riding pony mare

    • Champion APSB Riding pony mare

    • Supreme led APSB Riding Pony exhibit of show.


  • Uhavta Diamonds N Dreams; 2nd led APSB Riding pony 2 +3 yo colt

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: 3rd led APSB Riding pony yearling filly.

Victorian Show Horse Titles

  • Uhavta Earle of Arrogance: Top 10 ridden hunter Galloway - (Shelley Penny /Jorja Elfring)

Photo credit's : Oz photography.

        VAS Ltd:

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: (Kady Moore): Finalist and top 10 VAS Ltd. first season small pony.

  • Black Bikini (Brit Henderson-Wilson): Finalist and top 10 VAS Ltd. first season hack.

Prepared and ridden by Kady Moore

Photo credit: Oz photography

Black Bikini with Brit Henderson-Wilson


        Melbourne Summer Royal

A special thank you to Michael Christie, Cameron Boyle, David Warde, Lani Seddon and Kady Moore for assisting us in preparing our horse for this years Melbourne Summer Royal.

  • Uhavta Royal Antique:1st ridden newcomer ne 12.2hh, 1st ridden APSB-RP, placed 6th ridden part welsh and 6th Arabian derivative, placed in all led,6th part welsh, 4th Arabian RP, 6th RPSB,5th Buckskin, 3rd APSA and 2nd APSB-RP.

Prepared and ridden by Kady Moore

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: 1st and Reserve champion led APSB-RP, 3rd led RPSB, placed 5th led ASPA, 4th part welsh and 2nd arabian riding pony.

  • Uhavta Diamonds N Dreams: Placed led ASPA, RPSB, and APSB-RP.


  • Uhavta Bossie Boots: 1st led APSB-RP, and 2nd ridden and reserve champion ridden APSB-RP, 2nd newcomer ridden Riding pony, placed ridden part welsh, Led Arabian RP, RPSB,and ASPA.

Prepared by David Warde and ridden by David and Lani Seddon

  • Uhavta Country Charm: Reserve champion led open breeding colt, 1st ridden stallion / colt NE 15hh.

Prepared by Michael Christie and Cameron Boyle. Shown and ridden by Michael Christie.

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: 2nd led Arabian RP yearling filly.

  • Congratulations to Murraygold stud with Uhavta Royal Enchantment 2nd led palomino filly under 3 yo and placed Arabian pony, ASPA, and Part APSB.


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