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NEWS  2008

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December 2008

Nhill races:

  • Flat white: was coming home and finished 4th.

  • Callmefred: was racing well and was 2nd 20 metres before the post and finished out of the placing's. A good run and will be fitter for the next run.

Murraygold success at Australian Palomino Horsebreeders championships

  • Uhavta Royal Enchantment: Congratulations to the Mangan family for there outstanding success with Gemma.

    • Champion Led Palomino Mare

    • Grand Champion Palomino Mare

    • Champion ridden Palomino mare

    • 2nd in pleasure and best educated ridden palomino mare. (First season under saddle)

    • 1st lead rein.

Seymour Races:

  • Family of Boys: keeps knocking on the door. Beaten only a length by a 1/2 head. Now being prepped for a run in a distance race in the big spoke.

Lorrie and Amy dancing after the run at Swan Hill.

Hygain Show Hack Council 2008

  • Fenwick Odie: Top eight  open ridden shetland with Bridget O'Bree.

National Buskskin Show;

  • Uhavta Hortie Tortie: 2nd led RPSB filly, 2nd open filly, 2nd led part welsh filly, 2nd led Arabian pony / Arabian riding pony filly.

  • Uhavta Glitz N Glamour: 1st led riding pony gelding under 13.2hh and champion led riding pony gelding,1st led part welsh 12.2-13.2hh,  1st led  2yo gelding, 2nd led Arabian pony / Arabian riding pony.


Uhavta Hortie Tortie

Uhavta Glitz N Glamour

Swan Hill Races;

  • Family of Boys: put in a beautiful run and only finished a 1 1/2 from the winner to finish 3rd.

  • Calmefred: jumped out slowed and ran home. Will be entered for a longer race next start.

  • Longjonsilver: ran well early and then tailed off, now has been put out for a spell.

  • Flat White: jumped and ran a little fierce at the start. He will learn a lot from the run. It was a diaspointing run and we look forward to an improved run next start.

Left: Flat White on the inside

Right: Ally assisting on race day with Longjonsilva.

November 2008

Riding pony Pageant;

  • Uhavta Giovarni:2nd led 2yo riding pony colt, 2nd led 2yo part welsh colt and 2nd led 2yo Arabian derivative colt and reserve champion.

  • Uhavta Hourglass: 2nd led yearling riding pony filly, and 2nd led Arabian derivative yearling filly.

Uhavta Giovarni

  • Monty now has a race name and it is FLAT WHITE.


Photo credit; Lorelle Mercer

 Vale: October 2000 to October 2008

Only eight years of age.

It is with heartfelt saddness that we inform the horse community of our sad loss of princess Sophie.

Sophie had a serious illness that caused her extreme pain. Sophie laid down and just went to sleep.

We thank our vets for all there care and treatment in trying to save Sophie.

Your memory will never be forgotten and your pictures from Barastoc will hang pride of place in our new home.

We still remember the morning you were born and have it on video.

We miss your little nickers and your cuddles.

Rest in peace little girl, you are pain free now.


  • We are proud to announce our sponsor's  Omega Feeds. Please view there web site www.omegafeeds.com.au .

  • If you would like to talk to us about the feed and have a look come and talk to us at the shows.


Monty and Fred doing track work


Whycheproof and Wentworth  Races;

  • Family Of Boys: A week after Swan Hill Junior raced at Whycheproof, a tight track which he didn't handle and then we backed him up three days later in the Wentworth Cup. He was a little flat and finished 5th. He now has had a few days off and will have his next start at the end off the month.

October 2008

Swan Hill Races;

  • Family Of Boys: returned to racing after his cold, First up over 1600 metres. He missed the start slightly and race wide and came home gallantly to finish 3rd.

Mildura Ag Show

  • Uhavta Country Charm: champion led senior riding pony, champion ridden riding pony, supreme led riding pony exhibit.

  • Uhavta Giovarni: Champion led arabian derivative stallion/colt, reserve champion open breeding stock under 14hh.

Congratulations again to Murraygold stud and Uhavta Royal Enchantment with all her success , champion led and ridden palomino and  Uhavta Royal Fairytale reserve champion led palomino:see Murraygold stud for specifis..


Goulbun Valley Arabian Champiohips

  • Uhavta Country Charm: champion led Arabian riding pony, champion ridden open Arabian derivative, supreme ridden Arabian derivative exhibit.

photo credit: Julie Conti

Boort show

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: champion led pony mare and reserve champion led part welsh.

Donald show;

  • Uhavta Giovarni: champion led stallion, champion led riding pony youngstock, supreme led riding pony exhibit.

Kerang Ag show

  • Uhavta Glitz N Glamour: Was taken to his first show since the foal shows and he ended up being a little Gem. It was a cold windy day and we could'nt have asked for more from this little fellow. We did'nt take him to Swan Hill as we thought he needed a little more one on one, but he proved us wrong, he led and stood up for the judge. He went in four classes and won them all. He then went on and won four sashes, champion led pony gelding, champion led riding pony exhibit, champion led Australian Saddle pony exhibit, and reserve champion led Arabian derivative exhibit.


  • Congratulations to Pat and Bridget with Fenwick Odie; Champion led shetland and won his ridden shetland class. Also congratulations to Murraygold stud with Uhavta Royal Enchantment, champion led palomino, reserve champion ridden small saddle pony.


  • Congratulations to Emily SInclair and Uhavta Madame Roseville, who placed in pony club, novelties and the open rings. Well done.

Swan Hill Show


  • A big thank you to David Warde for leading and riding Uhavta Country Charm and leading Uhavta Buttons N Bows for us.


David with Supreme led mare of show Uhavta Buttons N Bows and Supreme led stallion of show Uhavta Country Charm.

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows: champion led ASPA, champion led Mare, champion led Arabian Derivative, reserve champion riding pony mare, Supreme Mare of Show.

  • Uhavta Country Charm: Champion galloway stallion, champion ANSA exhibit, champion Arabian derivative, champion riding  pony stallion, Supreme stallion of show, champion ANSA ridden exhibit, reserve champion ridden riding pony, reserve champion ridden Arabian derivative.


  • Uhavta Giovarni : 1st led arabian derivative colt and reserve champion, 2nd led riding pony colt, and 1st led ASPA colt and champion.


  • Uhavta Hortie Tortie: 1st led riding pony filly, 1st led Arabian derivative filly and reserve champion mare/filly,1st led  part welsh mare/filly

  • We had the pleasure of riding Uhavta Royal Enchantment for the Mangan family, she won champion ridden welsh, Reserve champion ridden part APSB, champion ridden Arabian pony, reserve champion ridden Palomino, reserve champion ridden small pony, reserve champion ridden district pony.

  • Congratulations to Vicki Morris and Kady Moore with Uhavta Anastasia champion led galloway mare, champion led and ridden stock horse, champion intermediate rider, and reserve champion ridden galloway.

  • Congratulations to Bobby Hammet and Hamlot Park Royal Quest, supreme led gelding on the Friday and Supreme led exhibit on the Saturday. Hamlot Park Royal Quest is out of Uhavta Miss Deception (Half maternal sister to Uhavta Counrty Charm) by Ascot Royal Tribute.

  • Congratulations to Nereolea Crossfield and Uhavta Mastermind (Cass) in the pony club ring. Cass had his 16th birthday at the show with the Crossfield family.


Swan Hill Gymkana

  • Ministry: Fourth show Ollie went to Swan Hill gymkana and behaved like a gentleman, he got 2nd in his led hack over 16hh and then 1st in senior rider. We were unable to do his ridden as it was getting late and we had to get home and go to work. We were very proud of him and he will truely make an ideal child's rider class mount (for sale).

Adelaide Royal show:

  • Uhavta Giovarni : 1st led riding pony 2yo colt, and 1st led 2yo ASPA colt.

  • Uhavta Hourglass: 1st led riding pony yearling filly, and 1st led APSA yearling filly.


Fourth and last Foal arrives for 2008

  • On the way home from Bendigo pre, Al rang to say foal being born he assisted the foals delivery. Kirreway Britannia gave us a chestnut colt with white star and two hind socks, sired by Uhavta Country Charm. Al got to name this foal and it is Rebel.


Bendigo Pre Royal

  • we decided to take Uhavta Buttons N Bow (AI-UK) out for a go around under saddle for all the agi's come and we took Uhavta Giovarni who hasn't been out since the foal show in 2007.

  • Uhavta Giovarni came home with Champion part welsh stallion or colt, reserve champion Riding pony male, and reserve champion open pony colt.

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows (AI-UK); came home with reserve champion led open mare, reserve champion riding pony mare, reserve champion part welsh mare, reserve champion APSB riding pony mare, and reserve champion ridden APSB-RP exhibit.


August 2008

Third Foal arrives

  • Our first colt arrives late August from Glenkirra Martika sired by Uhavta Country Charm. A full brother to Uhavta Hubba Bubba. This is a black/brown colt with a white star and four white socks. This foal we have bred with the intention of being a hunter galloway and will be kept for Wentworth to ride at the shows.

Swan Hill Races;

  • Vaporization: wins a 2100 metre maiden. Has been in a long time since breaking so we have decided to give her a well earned spell. Will return to training unless sells prior-see thoroughbred's for sale.

Second Foal arrives

  • Another filly, big and bay with a white star. Will be a definate galloway.(Uhavta Country Charm / Silkwood Mustard Seed). This filly is a 1/2 maternal sister to Uhavta Buttons & Bows (AI-UK) and our stallion Uhavta Diamonds N Dreams (AI-UK).

Bendigo races

  • Family Of Boys: scratched due to a cold, now having a let up for four weeks..

  • Vaporization: finished 5th. Got caught out wide.


First foal arrives:

  • This little filly arrived on Al's birthday so he gets to name her. She is a delightful little chestnut filly. (Uhavta Country Charm / Kirreway Diamontina). She is a throw back being a chestnut from a bay mum out of a brown dad. The last foal we had do this was Uhavta Miss Deception and this filly is related to her. This filly has a multitude of champions in her family.



Uhavta Country Charm: has now arrived at Future Farms Arabians and is being prepared for up and coming shows and is ready for stud duties.


Nyah Gymkana

  • Ministry:Third show Nyah Gymkana: 1st and champion led hack, 1st and champion ridden hack, and 2nd and reserve champion rider with Bridget O'Bree.

Swan Hill Races

  • Family Of Boys: Finished 4th and was a fantastic run.

  • Vaporization: Molly finishes 5th in a distance race only beaten 1.5 lengths.

July 2008


  • Monty: trialled  and went off his food for a week, it was decided to give him a month off as he has had a big preparation. We look forward to bringing him in the next two weeks and racing him in October/November.


  • Nerolea and Colleen Crossfield have given us some photos of Uhavta Mater Mind. Please view his page by clicking on his name. They purchased Cass locally from another family approximately two years ago. Nerolea and Cass have been attending pony club and this year made the trip to compete at Melbourne Royal Horse Show-see results below. We wish them continued success together.


  • Tickle Bellie Hill: Finished 3rd, ran a lovely race, but ran keenly at the start.

  • Family Of Boys: Finished 5th and was coming home.

  • Vaporization: finished 8th. Was a much improved run and was only beaten by a few lengths and couldn't get a run at the end as was blocked for a run.


  • Reports from a very excited Emily: Uhavta Madame Roseville and herself have been jumping at home during the holidays. Last weekend they attended there first pony club rally together. They walked around the cross country and jumped a few jumps.

June 2008

Mildura Races

  • Tickle Bellie Hill went up distance and finished 3rd, race hard early, Family of Boys finished 4th, and Vaporisation finished back in the field but not disgraced, still learning what it's all all about. Will race over a lot more distance in the future.

Swan Hill June Carnival

  • All three horses came back in from spells: Tickle Bellie Hill finished 6th, Family of Boys and Vaporization (1st start) had good runs.


  • Fenwick Odie; Has been leased to Bridget O'Bree

  • Uhavta Madame Roseville: Has been loaned to Emily Sinclair for pony club and showing.

We wish both these young riders success in the coming show season.

APSB foal Show Spetactular

  • Uhavta Head Over Heels; 1st APSB riding pony colt/gelding, and champion led led APSB riding pony exhibit

  • Uhavta Hocus Pocus: 1st led part bred /APSB riding pony colt or gelding, champion led APSB riding pony / gelding (ring 3), 1st led part bred APSB colt /gelding and reserve champion part APSB exhibit.

  • Uhavta Hortie Tortie: 1st led APSB filly and reserve champion led APSB riding pony exhibit, and 1st led APSB riding pony/ Part bred APSB filly and reserve champion led. (Ring 3)

Photo credits: Stephen Shaw

May 2008


Equinade riding pony foal show

  • Uhavta Hourglass: 1st led riding pony 12-12.2hh (ring 1), 2nd led riding pony filly 12-12.2hh (ring 2)

Photo Credit: Julie Wilson

  • Uhavta Hocus Pocus 1st led hunter colt/gelding over 12hh, champion led hunter exhibit and supreme led hunter exhibit of show.

Photo Credit: Julie Wilson

  • Also congratulations to Uhavta Country Charm on winning the owners pair and progeny pair.

congratulations to Pat Croft and Bridget O'Bree with Uhavta Royal Hotpants who won a 1st and a 2nd in the hunter filly classes.

Rp Gala event (RP foal Show) and the Magic breed Arabian youngstock show

  • Uhavta Hourglass: 1st led RP filly 12 ne 12.2hh, Champion led Arabian riding pony filly.

  • Uhavta Head Over Heels: Top five Arabian riding pony colt/gelding

  • Uhavta Hortie Tortie: Top five Arabian riding pony filly.

  • Uhavta Hearthrob;


Congratulations to Murraygold stud with Murraygold Heritage (by Uhavta Diamonds N Dreams AI-UK) on winning reserve champion hunter riding pony and top five Arabian riding pony colt/gelding.

More Owners visiting Monty.

Teresa and Husband with Monty

April 2008

Foal photo's

  • Anzac day we had a lovely day at home with a friend Nerida who came to visit. We all gave foals a lead lesson and they had their feet pick up and were given their first bath's.

Uhavta Head Over Heels, Uhavta Royal Hotpant's, Uhavta Hourglass, and  Uhavta Hortie Tortie

Uhavta Aristocrat (AI-UK)

  • We have had a lovely email from Trish Boerlage and her family who now own Lyric. Lyric was shown by us as a yearling and a two year. Lyric placed at Melbourne Summer Royal in the RP colt class. He won champion RPSB and rabian derivative colt at Ag Shows.. He was sold and then had rough start to his saddle career . Lyric changed handlers /riders. To date we know he went through at least four dealers /families. It has been great to hear now that he has a loving home and is going well at pony club.

  • To read more about Lyrics story click on lyric

Uhavta Aristocrat (AI) with the white boots doing a ribbon race at pony club.

Uhavta Aristocrat(AI) at Melbourne Summer Royal

NEB group foal show:

  • Uhavta Hearthrob: 2nd led Arabian / Arabian Derivative gelding, 3rd led riding pony colt / gelding to mature over 13.2hh

  • Uhavta Hocus Pocus: 1st and champion part welsh gelding in 2 rings, 1st led Arabian / Arabian derivative gelding and 2nd led riding pony colt / gelding to mature over 13.2hh

Owners come to visit Monty (Skelato Gelding)

Gavin, John and Monty

Jack, Ron, Hannah, and Luke.

March 2008

Arabian Diamond Showcase:

  • Uhavta Country Charm: (shown by Kate and Doyle Dertell) champion led Arabian riding pony stallion and champion ridden Arabian derivative stallion.

Melbourne Royal Summer Horse Show.

more photos on photogallery page

  • Uhavta Country Charm: 2nd led riding pony stallion 13.2-14.2hh and reserve champion Led riding pony stallion. 4th led Australian Saddle pony stallion.1st ridden Arabian derivative stallion/colt, 2nd led arabian riding pony stallion,3rd ridden riding pony stallion.

  • Uhavta Bossie Boots (Hannah Tempany):2nd and reserve champion led Australian Saddle Pony Exhibit and 2nd ridden ASPA gelding ne 13.2-14.2hh, 6th led riding pony gelding 13.2-14.2hh,

  • Uhavta Royal Antique.(Bridget O'Bree):1st ridden buckskin mare/filly, 6th ridden arabian derivative under 12.2hh, 3rd ridden APSB riding pony,2nd ridden ASPA mare n.e. 12.2hh, .

  • Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Sharyn Mangan): 1st led palomino 2+3 year old filly and reserve champion led palomino mare / filly.

  • Uhavta Royal Fairytale (Sharyn Mangan): 5th led palomino 2+3 year old filly.

  • Uhavta Master Mind (Nerolea Crossfield): 2nd led pony club handler, Reserve champion led handler, 4th pony club mount, 3rd in pairs, 4th in trio.

We wish all the Uhavta stock competing at Melbourne Summer royal this week good luck.


Wakool Show.-congratulations to the following exhibitors of Uhavta horses/ponies

  • Uhavta Bossie Boots: (Hannah Tempany) Supreme ridden exhibit of show, champion junior rider, champion child's pony, open champion led pony, champion ridden open large pony and champion led riding pony.

  • Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Sharyn Mangan): reserve champion led palomino and reserve champion led arabian derivative.

  • Uhavta Royal Fairytale (Sharyn Mangan): placed in all her led classes.

  • Uhavta Royal Deviant (Kady Moore): 2nd in both rings ridden pony 12.2-13hh.

  • Uhavta Royal Antique: (Bridgette O'Bree): reserve champion ridden small pony in both rings.

February 2008

Barastoc horse of the year show 2008.

  • Uhavta Country Charm:1st led derivative stallion Champion led derivative stallion, Grand champion led derivative, 1st ridden derivative stallion.


Dylan with Kate in the saddle and Doyle on the end of the lead.

  • Uhavta Madame Roseville: 5th led newcomer show hunter pony,3rd ridden newcomer show hunter pony.

Holly being ridden by Asheigh Glasscott and Helen Burns

  • Ministry:4th led newcomer hack

  • Fenwick Odie :ridden by Sheridan Hammet

  • Uhavta Royal Deviant: (owned by Kady Moore): Called in child’s ridden show hunter pony,4th ridden newcomer hunter pony and 3rd ridden first ridden part welsh.

  • Uhavta Anastasia: (ownded by Kady Moore), 3rd led stock horse mare,1st and reserve champion ridden stock horse hack.

  • Uhavta Miss Deception:(owned By Bobby Hammet), 4th led open Galloway mare, 1st led Galloway and champion led owner/handler exhibit, 2nd owner/rider Galloway ridden exhibit

  • We wish all the Uhavta Stock good luck that are competing at Barastoc this year. Uhavta Royal Antique (AI) (Bridgette O'Bree), Uhavta Anastasia, Uhavta Royal Deviant (Kady Moore), Uhavta Miss Deception (Bobby Hammet), and our own :Uhavta Country Charm (competing with Future Farms), Uhavta Madame Roseville, and Fenwick Odie and Ministry.

January 2008

Mildura Races

  • Tickle Bellie Hill (Delta): (C Puls-Yendall) ran third throughout and didn't finish off her race finishing fifth, when she cooled off she was sore in the same region as she was after being knocked at Swan Hill so she has been put into the paddock for a spell.

  • Family of Boys: (R Rees), Rhonda rode a lovely race, Junior is also in need of a spell as he has been in an extremely long time.

Australian Day-EFA show horse show

  • Ministry: competes at his first ever show and what a dream he was, he competed in his riddens and did batter an eye lid. He even stood up tied to the float. Officially measures 16.1 1/2 hh

Ministry being ridden by Helen

  • Uhavta Madame Roseville competes at her first show under saddle and went in the ridden show hunter pony. She went around like a dream and was a pleasure to have at the show. Officially measures 13hh.

Holly being ridden by Kady Moore


  • Family of Boys: (K Hocking) ran at Stawell. Couple of knocks in the early stages, but finished off his race very well and had a great recovery. Looking forward to his next start.

  • foal photos;

Above: Foals by Uhavta Country Charm (Urubula  Regal Promise / Rajina Niki)

below: foals by Uhavta Diamonds N Dreams AI-UK (Strinesdale Mastermind UK / Silkwood Mustard Seed)

More photos on for sale page (weanlings):

  • Tickle Bellie Hill (Delta): (C Puls-Yendall),finishes third at Swan Hill races, only beaten a short distances. Knocked a back leg after she was pushed off balance.

Beth and Delta.

  • Family of Boys (Junior): (C Nicholls) races at Swan Hill, jumps out well from the gates and settles 2nd, but the saddle shifts forward over the neck and jockey does a mighty job to stay on and complete the race.

Junior in the parade ring

  • Shawentamor: (C Nicholls), the jockey did everything asked of him, Beth jumops out settles up the field, and when he ask's Beth to improve she has nothing. Beth has now been retired after three starts and finds herself going to a show home.

Beth going around to the barriers

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