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NEWS  2009

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December 2009

Last foal for the season

Introducing Uhavta Jukebox (Salient Zechin / Mirinda Goldflake)


Update foal pics

"Rustette"- Uhavta Royal Juliette

"Noah"-Uhavta Jump N Jive


"Jag" -Uhavta Jackpot

National Buckskin all breeds show.

  • Uhavta Giovarni: Champion riding pony stallion/colt, champion Arabian riding pony /Arabian pony exhibit, reserve champion open colt, reserve champion part welsh.

  • Uhavta Imitation: champion open pony filly.

Update photos of Uhavta Country Charm / Penmarric Reims colt foal ownerd by www.doublettstud.homestead.com

November 2009

We didn't get to compete at the Riding pony pageant and the SHCV titles as we had a foal that required TLC. He has turned the corner . Only have two corneal ulcers to get rid of and he is back to new. Photos will come soon. He is an exquisite specimen.

APHA National Palomino all breeds show

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald ; What a star we mainly concentrated on her ridden classes today as we were preparing her for a double bridle and didn't she delight us. Rosie did not put a foot wrong even under slippery wet conditions. Oops sorry she did one pigroot and I think that was just from slipping. Champion ridden Riding pony, Champion ridden open large pony, Champion ridden Arabian derivative exhibit, Champion ridden ASPA exhibit, and reserve champion ridden part welsh exhibit.

  • UhavtaHourglass: Champion led APSA mare/filly, Champion led Galloway, Reserve champion led Riding pony mare/filly.


November photo shoot.-windy cold day (all are for sale and in paddock condition)

Uhavta Hocus Pocus / Uhavta Go Go Girl

Uhavta Imposter / Uhavta Impressive

Congratulations to Double TT stud (Debbie Taylor-Theiss) On the safe arrival of her colt foal by Uhavta Country Charm out of her beautiful mare Anglo Arabian mare Penmarric Reims. A lovely upstanding foal. With the look at me presence of his parents.

photos courtesy of Doublett  stud.

To view more photos please go to Double TT 's web site www.doublettstud.homestead.com


Second show horse foal arrives. Introducing Uhavta Royal Juliette. "Rustette" Born 9/11/09. Nicknamed Rustette, after Wentworth's stuff toy a buckskin pony called Rusty. This filly is a 1/2 sister to Uhavta Royal Antique (Dec), Uhavta Royal Enchantment, Uhavta Royal Fairytale, Uhavta Royal Deviant, Uhavta Royal Hotpants.



Monty is for sale ; chestnut thoroughbred gelding.(see for sale pages)-UNDER OFFER

Our first show pony foal arrives.

Uhavta Jackpot "Jackpot" (Uhavta Counrty Charm / Kirreway Dover)-born 5/11/09

Expressions of interest are being taken for this foal.

Introducing our thoroughbred filly

(Manner Hill / Condensation)-born 25/09/09  "Mandy"

Echuca Ag Show

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald;  1st and Reserve Champion open ridden pony, 1st led pony 12-13hh, 1st ridden newcomer riding pony.

October 2009

Barham/Koondrook Show

  • Fenwick Odie: 1st led and ridden shetland and 1st led gelding under 11hh, 1st ridden pony n.e. 11hh and 1st to Alanna (our niece) in her rider. Our niece is very excited and enjoys riding and going to the shows. She is following in her Aunties footsteps. This was her third show. A fantastic effort for a 7yo.

  • Sanliira Manuscript; Champion led galloway, champion ridden breeds and reserve champion led riding pony exhibit.


Mildura Ag Show.-This year we entered three for Mildura show and took two. We had a lovely time, although the weather was ordinary. It was great catching up with friends and relatives in Mildura. Highlights include

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald; Champion newcomer ridden riding pony, champion led part welsh exhibit, Reserve champion led APSB-RP exhibit.

  • Uhavta Hourglass: Champion led Arabian Derivative mare/filly.

Congratulations to Teagan Lewis and Uhavta Glitz N Glamour-champion led riding pony youngstock and reserve champion led Arabian derivative gelding. Also congratulations to Nerida Morrish with Uhavta  Getaway-Reserve champion led riding pony youngstock.


  • Natural Grace: has returned home from lease. We are very excited and will put her in foal this season. She breeds the most beautiful and quiet foals.


Goulburn Valley Arabian Championships

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald; Champion ridden Arabian derivative under saddle. 4th Led Arabian riding pony mare/filly over 2yo.

  • Uhavta Imitation: 1st led yearling Arabian riding pony colt, filly, gelding.

photo credit: Julie Conti


Minyip, Donald, Boort Ag Shows

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: Rose behaved extremely well at all the Ag shows and preformed well showing that she is destined to be a child's pony of the future. She won numerous champions and reserves led and ridden.


Kerang Ag show

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald; Reserve champion open newcomer large pony, reserve champion pony 12.2-13hh, and reserve champion newcomer riding pony.

  • Uhavta Imitation: Champion led junior riding pony youngstock.

  • Uhavta Glitz N Glamour ( Teagan Lewis): 1st led RPSB youngstock.

  • Fenwick Odie: Odie was taken down to the show by Donna O'Shanessay and shown by her daughter Kelissa; Reserve champion ridden shetland day 1. Reserve champion ridden small pony day 2. Hope you had a wonderful day riding him.

  • Uhavta Madame Roseville; Champion ridden RPSB hunter, and reserve champion ridden pony hunter in the open ring. Great effort Emily. This pony pony colic surgery a fair few years ago (has had foals) and still has the scar and swelling to the under carriage. It is great seeing her being used by Emily showing at he occasional show and pony club


Congratulations to the Hammet girls with Uhavta Miss Deception returning to the ring with style, and also to her son Hamlot park royal Quest A great effort. Winning numerous supremes led and ridden in his first year under saddle.

Left: Uhavta Miss Deception and her son right: Hamlot Park Royal Quest.


Wentworth has been having a ball at the shows.

Left: Giving Ascot Forever Amber a cuddle, RIght: I wasn't up to anything

Wentworth Being hearded back to us after playing follow the leader.


Swan Hill Ag show-highlights

Photo's courtesy of Donna O'Shanessay.

  • Uhavta Hourglass: Supreme led mare/filly of show, Champion led APSB riding pony, Champion led ANSA ,Champion led Arab derivative female 

  • Uhavta Imitation: Champion junior exhibit, Champion led ASPA mare / Filly ,Champion RPSB mare/filly
  • Uhavta Giovarni: Champion led Arab derivative male, Champion Led ASPA stallion or colt. Reserve champion RPSB stallion / colt

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald:Champion led district pony, Champion led pony mare ,Champion ridden part welsh, Champion ridden pony, Champion ridden RPSB exhibit , Reserve champion APSB riding pony, Reserve champion led ASP mare/filly, Reserve Champion ridden pony .


  • Uhavta Getaway: (Nerida Morrish)placed 2nd in RPSB, ASPA, part welsh, 3rd Arab derivative junior gelding.
  • Uhavta Glitz N Glamour:(Teagan Lewis) Reserve champion district pony, Reserve champion led ASPS gelding, Reserve champion led junior exhibit, Reserve champion led RPSB gelding,
  • Fenwick Odie: with Alannah Burns-winner of turnout 7years and under, 1st lead rein 12hh and under, 1st rider 7 years and under , 2nd ridden shetland, 1st educated and pleasure pony under 12.2hh at her second show.


Helen winning first in rider 30 years and over on Teagan Lewis's Charmel Reeface.


Thankyou to all our helpers who support us and helped us at this show: Emily Sinclair, Kath McQueen, Nerida Morrish, Hilda Stanger,  Mum and Dad and of course our niece Alannah Burns.

September 2009


  • New kid's on the block Xavier  (2yo black colt) and Lost Family-Grey gelding.

  • Flat White trials at Tatura details on thoroughbred page.


Adelaide Royal Show

  • Uhavta Giovarni

    • 1st led ASPS colt under 3yo

    • 2nd led riding pony 2 + 3 yo old colt

  • Uhavta Hourglass

    • 1st led ASPA filly ne 3yo

    • 1st led RPSB 2yo filly.


Thanks to David for leading them both in their classes and to Brendan for the final grooming and presentation.


Bendigo Pre Royal

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald

    • 1st ridden riding pony mare NE 13hh

    • 1st le APSB-RP mare and champion led APSB-RP exhibit

    • 1st ridden APSB-RP mare and champion ridden

    • 1st led part welsh mare and reserve champion led part welsh exhibit

    • 1st ridden part welsh mare and champion ridden part welsh exhibit.

Rosie and Wentworth. Wentworth gave Rosie kisses all day and then when we got home he rode her to the stable and then took off her from boots. We didn't even think he could get the velcro undone but he did. He wanted to change her rugs over but they were to heavy.


Uhavta Springtime Attraction-we chased up some results and are absolutely wrapped to here that Vobis is still being shown and is still in the winners circle.Vobis is a half brother to our stallion Uhavta Springtime Attraction, Uhavta Miss Deception (Hamlot Park) and Uhavta Entertainer (Pam and Belinda Anderson)

  • 2009-Pan Pacific Arabian showcase 18th and 19th April.

    • 1st and champion Arabian riding pony male 4years and over.

    • 2nd in the youth gold nugget-halter and hack, riders 17 years and under.

  • 2009 Toowoomba Royal (26/3/09)

    • 2nd Led Australain Saddle Pony and reserve champion led, 5th led Arabian riding pony gelding.

    JNL RPSB show pony spectacular

    • 1st led RPSB show pony gelding 13.2-14.2hh

  • 19/9/08 A Spring Affair-Gatton

    • 1st novice derivative hack 14-15hh

    • 2nd and reserve champion open derivative hack 14-15hh

    • 2nd derivative hack-youth led

    • 3rd derivative hack 14-15hh youth rider

    • Reserve champion derivative under saddle-Amateur owner

  • 2009 Arabian Valley Gala results

    • 1st open derivative under saddle 14-15hh

    • 4th senior bridle path hack

    • 3rd youth handler 10-12 years.

    • 1st Led youth hack 10-13 years

    • 2nd youth rider 10-13 years

    • 2nd youth derivative under saddle.

    • 2nd youth bridle path hack 10-13 years.

    • Champion Hi Point youth 10-13years.

  • 2009 Queensland Challenge show

    • 1st and reserve champion led Arabian derivative gelding (youth handler)

    • 1st and champion derivative gelding any age –Amateur owner

    • 3rd Led Arabian riding pony gelding 4years and over.

  • 2008 Top of the range results.

    • 2nd Arabian riding pony 4 years and over

    • Finalist novice Derivative ridden 14-15hh.

    • Finalist (2) Youth handler 10 years and under 14years

    • Finalist (1) and champion youth rider 10 years and under 14 years

    • Finalist (1) and champion youth bridle path hack 10 years and under 14 years.

    • Champion youth show hunter 14-15hh.

    • Champion youth hack 14-15hh.

    • Finalist (6) Top of the range gala event.

  • 2008-horse of the year (qldcrabbetgp)

    • Champion intermediate derivative under saddle

    • Reserve champion derivative over 14 ne 15hh

    • Reserve champion youth hack under 13 years.


August 2009

Nyah Gymkana

We woke to gale force winds and wondered whether we should go. Our niece Alannah stayed overnight and was up early, and jumping at the bit. We could not disappoint her and she certainly did not disappoint us. She had a fabulous day and just enjoyed riding out in the ring wanting to do more classes.

  • Fenwick Odie: went out today with new rider in the saddle, our niece Alannah. This was Alannah's first show and she had a ball. Wanted to do more classes. They won led pony n.e. 12hh, then got champion led. Followed by 2nd ridden pony n.e. 12hh and reserve champion ridden. Lastly they did novice rider and got 2nd. Later after lunch Alannah was found laying on Odie's back with his rugs on tied to the float.

  • Sanlirra Manuscript : went out for a hit out. Led by his owner Nerida Morrish they got 1st and champion led galloway. Then Helen in the saddle he won his height class and then got reserve champion ridden. At the start he was a little unsure of the saddle and he was clipped yesterday. We were extremely pleased with how he went.

Wentworth had a great day collecting stones and filling his pockets.


  • Uhavta Royal Emerald attended her first show the Rochester E.V. affiliated pony club show. Rose was awarded 1st and champion led and then won her ridden class (first show out under saddle). Rose gained a lot of admirers and we look forward to campaigning her in her newcomer classes this season.

  • Uhavta Glitz N Glamour will be campaigned by Teagan Lewis for the 2009-2010 show season as a newcomer, we wish them all the success and rewards.

photos Derek O'Leary

  • Uhavta Getaway will be campaigned in led classes for the 2009-2010 show season by Nerida Morrish.

  • Sanlirra Manuscript is welcomed to our show team for the 2009-2010 show season.


  • Our thoroughbred broodmare- Natural Grace has been leased to Gaye and Kristy Thompson to breed Galloway's from Fable Park Stud who stand Stanton Park Special Edition. We wish them all the best and know that these foals will have the best of temperaments like all of Grace's previous foals.

Foals to date:


Uhavta Anastasia (Oz Photography) / Uhavta Elite Edition / Uhavta Hearthrob


Wentworth Pre Show 2009: (congratulations to Hamlot Park)

  • Hamlot Park Royal Quest and Carrie (Ascot Royal Tribute (UK-AI) / Uhavta Miss Deception)




July 2009

  • Our friends Steph. Pinton and Neil Pfeiffer have launch their new web site www.divinestud.com.au . They bred stand Whiterose Michaelangelo who we have our grande old mare Rajina Niki in foal to, fingers crossed for a filly.

  • Congratulations to  Paul and Mirren Munn on the purchase of Uhavta Hearthrob for their beautiful daughter as a future galloway / hack/ pony club mount. We wish them all the success and happiness with Howard and look forward to there reports.

May 2009

Equinade Riding Pony Foal Show

  • We were lucky to be able to do one foal show, as we were late sending in our foal registrations.

  • Uhavta Impressive: Champion show hunter foal. (we started unplaiting him to go home, so missed the supreme hunter event-congratulations to Pinjarrah Park Dream on a lovely hunter exhibit).

  • Uhavta Imitation: 1st owner breeder, 3rd led filly 11-12hh and 4th filly 11-12hh.We were very proud of our little filly. I sprained my ankle in the 2nd ring and she held me up and marter on like a dream and trotted beautifully, now at home with a support bandage and getting around.

  • We haven't done any foal shows as yet, hopefully we will this weekend .. Uhavta Imitation has a coat of silk and we look forward to taking her out with Uhavta Impressive.

  • Helen did a Show hack council lesson at Tatura on the weekend with Uhavta Royal Emerald and had a ball. Rose behaved herself very well.

  • Both Uhavta Getaway and Uhavta Go Go Girl are breaking in well. They are now have had ta rider on their back. Getaway has a beautiful trot and canter and Go Go Girl has beautiful self carriage as her Dam.

Uhavta Go Go Girl

Uhavta Getaway

Uhavta Glitz N Glamour

April 2009

Sydney Royal Easter Show

  • Uhavta Country Charm; champion  and supreme led Arabian derivative, champion ridden Arabian derivative.

Thank you to all the people who have sent their congratulations. It is truly appreciated. Helen was crying when she rang I thought something had happened to Dylan before he got to his class, I was trying to work as I couldn't go as my colleague was on holidays already. My heart was missing beats all day. As this is Dylan's last show and what a way to retire from the show ring. We now are going to concentrate on bringing out his babies. I got a Lepracorn at work for luck on an email and I had to send it on. I am not a believer of chain emails but I did anyway as I can be supersticious. Hence friends receiving the email. It said you would receive good luck and guess what happen?  I now believe in Lepracorns and chain emails. A big thankyou goes to David Warde and Brendan Russell for all the loving care that they give Dylan. Uhavta Hourglass is now David's to take over spot of Dylan and to get ready for a saddle career in the future. We also thank Nerida Corbett and Melissa from Corvan park for taking good care of us at Sydney and showing us the ropes of Sydney Royal. We will repay the favour when you come to Victoria. Also thankyou to Sydney Royal-Corrine and all the horse crew. We look forward to coming up again next year as well as Canberra as they really look after you as competitors.

Easter Greetings:

  • We wish all our friends a happy and safe Easter.

  • We are currently breaking in Uhavta Go Go Girl- I have no doubt in saying that this little girl is just like her mother and is destined for a saddle career. She has the most delightful temperaments and wants to be everyone's friend. We are also breaking in Uhavta Getaway and again this horse can cover the ground.

  • Fenwick Odie (our shetland) has returned from lease from Pat Croft and Bridget O'Bree. We thank them for the care that they have given Odie and thank them for showing him to his  potential. Finalist Show hack council, Finalist VASL, placed at shetland show, placed lead rein-Barastoc. This is only mentioning a few. We know Bridget you are growing up and cant ride him at the big shows due to your age, but we hope you can jump back aboard at some of the Agi's and take over the reins.

March 2009

Weanling photo shoot

Uhavta Imposter / Uhavta Impressive

Uhavta Imitation / Uhavta Intune N Intime


Australian National Arabian Championships.

  • Uhavta Country Charm; Australian National champion Arabian Riding pony Stallion , and Top Five ridden Arabian Derivative stallion.

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald; Australian National Top five Arabian Riding  pony 3+4 yo mare.

  • Uhavta Glitz N Glamour:Australian National Reserve champion Arabian Riding pony 2 yo gelding.


Uhavta Country Charm (Urubula Regal Promise / Rajina Niki) and David Warde

photo credit : Julie Conti

Uhavta Royal Emerald  (Ascot Royal Tribute AI-UK / Kirreway Diamontina)

Left photo: courtesy of Kerry Muller-Ascot Stud.

photo credit: Derek O'Leary

 Uhavta Glitz N Glamour (Royal Command of Beckworth / Silkwood Mustard Seed)


We would like to Thank David Warde and Brendan Russell for superbly  turning out Uhavta Country Charm like always.

We would also like to thank Floral (The chief cook for a lovely meal) and for doing a mercy dash for David and Brendan when they left Dylan's bridle back in Bendigo. Floral drove all the way to Werribee and got there before his class. The class was at 0930 and we had got up at 3.30 and were on the road at 4am.SO it was an  early rise for Floral as well.On the way home David and Brendan found Floral asleep in his car under a tree. They rounded him up and made sure he got home safely. Thanks Floral you are a life savor.



  • All the foals are weaned except for Uhavta Intution. We have two fillies and two colts in the boxes by Uhavta Country Charm.

  • Uhavta Impressive is the best foal that Kirreway Britannia has had for us and is already being marked for a saddle career by our trainer David Warde.

  • Uhavtva Imitation out of Kirreway Diamontina is all attitude and is a dead ringer and smaller version of Uhavta Miss Deception.

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime is large legged filly with poppy eyes and has a beautiful ground covering trot. Another that David is ear tagging as his for a future galloway.

  • Uhavta Imposter is growing beautiful and is grumpy at meal times just like his mother. This is Wentworth's hunter Galloway and all-rounder of the future. That's is Wentworth decides to  ride horses. If his Dad gets his way he will be riding motor bikes and playing football.


  • Uhavta Intution: Our suprise package. We took Vision into to get scanned to see where her follicles were to get served. The vet laughed and said she was in foal and he could feel foot. Due soon that was October. Helen remembered Gino getting out on two nights last March and had written it in her Diary. Thats why he ended up getting bought in to show at Adelaide last year. As Helen wrote the dates in her Diary,  then we prepared for the suprise package being due in February. We were very excited but are now poorer as we had to contact the relevant breed societies and have had the colt, stallion adult registered and now will be DNA'ing the foal.

    After all this we couldnt be happier as this foal is a rippa. A beautiful length of rein and great disposition.

    He was born on the Saturday of Barastoc hence his nick name-Reg

    Introducing Uhavta Intution: (Uhavta Giovarni / Kirreway Vision)

February 2009

Look what I got for my birthday. The big 40.

Painting by Helen Coulter

Helen Coulter-equine Artist


Canberra Royal

  • Uhavta Country Charm; 2nd led A.N.S.A. and Reserve champion A.N.S.A. led stallion.2nd led Arabian derivative stallion didn't challenge in the championship as had to get colt ready for a class. Then we withdrew from ridden as headed home so we could get home at 8pm instead of 3 in the morning. (we missed all the kangaroo's on the road). Next year we will need to book early for a motel so we have a room on the Sunday night. We were only lucky to get a bed on the Saturday due to a cancellation.

  • Uhavta Giovarni; called in 1st (on the circle) in the led 2+3 y.o. young-stock RP (out of 22) misbehaved in individual workout and finished in 5th placing, 5th led part welsh stallion/colt. 3rd led A.P.S.A. colt/gelding 3 yo and under.

Barastoc Horse Of the Year Show

photo credit: Derek O'Leary



  • Uhavta Country Charm; 1st led Arabian derivative stallion, champion led senior Arabian Derivative, Grand champion led Arabian Derivative, Led Barastoc Arabian Horse of the Year, 1st ridden Arabian derivative stallion, champion ridden Arabian derivative, Ridden Barastoc Arabian Horse of the Year. Finalist Led Barastoc international of the year.

  • Uhavta Giovarni; 4th led riding pony 2yo colt, 3rd led Arabian derivative colt,

  • Uhavta Hourglass: 3rd led riding pony filly 13.1hh-13.3hh, 2nd led Arabian derivative filly,

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald: 1st led Arabian derivative mare ne 14hh.

  • Fenwick Odie: 6th Lead rein Shetland with Kelissa O'Shannesy on board and mother mother Donna on the lead.

Congratulations to Murraygold stud (Uhavta Royal Enchantment), Hamlot Park (Uhavta Miss Deception) and Gandarah stud (Uhavta Anastasia) with all your results-see Owners page.

National Riding Pony of the Year Show.

  • Uhavta Hourglass: Finalist yearling filly over 13.1hh
  • Uhavta Hocus Pocus: Finalist Yearling colt/gelding over 13.1hh


Victorian Riding pony Youngstock of the Year show.

  • Uhavta Hourglass: 1st led Riding pony yearling filly over 13.1hh, 2nd Led AOB filly, 2nd Led  progeny pair with Uhavta Hocus Pocus,3rd (Ring 1)
  • Uhavta Hocus Pocus: 1st Led AOB hunter,2nd progeny pair with Uhavta Hourglass, 1st led yearling hunter and champion led Junior hunter.
  • Uhavta Giovarni: 1st Led AOB colt ,Reserve Champion led AOB exhibit


January 2009


Vale: Our beautiful thoroughbred-Famliy of Boys.


Hanging Rock Races (at Kyneton)

  • Family Of Boys: Pulled very hard early in the race, then came home and finished his race off in preparation for a race at Swan Hill in February. A nice run.


Melbourne Royal Horse Show.


Uhavta Country Charm


Uhavta Giovarni

Uhavta Glitz N Glamour

Photo credits: Derek O'Leary


Wow we had a lovely time in Melbourne and all our ponies made us proud.

  • Uhavta Country Charm;

    • Led open stallion 14-15hh 1st

    • Open ridden stallion 14-15hh 1st

    • Ridden Arabian derivative stallion 1st

    • Led Arabian riding pony stallion 1st

      • Reserve champion ridden Arabian derivative
      • Reserve champion led stallion
      • Champion ridden open breeds male

 Then his progeny made us proud Uhavta Hocus Pocus and Uhavta Hourglass..

  • Uhavta Hocuc Pocus

    • Led show hunter yearling  2nd

    • Led Arabian Riding pony yearling gelding 4th

    • Led ASP gelding under 3 years 6th

  • Uhavta Hourglass

    • Led open yearling filly 1st

    • Led APSB Riding pony filly under 3years 3rd

    • Led yearling RPSB filly 12.3-13.2hh 3rd

    • Led Arabian Riding pony yearling filly 3rd

    • Les ASP filly under 3 years 4th

    • Led part welsh yearling 12.2-13.2hh 5th

    Our other stock made us proud.

  • Uhavta Glitz N Galmour

    • Led APSB Riding pony Gelding 2nd

    • Led Arabian riding pony gelding 2and 3yo 2nd

    • Led 2yo RPSB gelding 2nd

    • Led ASP gelding under 3 years 3rd

  • Uhavta Giovarni

    • Led ASP colt under 3 2nd

    • Led Arabian Riding pony colt 2 and 3 years  6th

    • Led part welsh 2 and 3 year old 12.1to 13.2hh 6th


  • Fenwick Odie on lease to Pat Croft and Bridget O’Bree

    • Top ten open ridden Shetland VAS limited


Congratulations to all the other Uhavta Stock and their owners

  •  Uhavta Royal Enchantment  Murraygold stud.

    • Led part bred under 12.2hh 1st

    • Ridden Palomino mare ridden by Helen 1st

    • Led Palomino Mare 3rd

    • Led Arabian pony mare 3rd

    with Kel Pfieffer

    Photo credit: Derek O'Leary


  •  Uhavta Bossie Boots and Hannah Tempany .

    • ridden APSB riding pony gelding  2nd

    • Ridden Arabian derivative mare or gelding 14-15hh 4th

    • Led ASP gelding 13.2-14.2  4th

    • Led RPSB gelding 13.1-14.2hh  5th

    • Ridden ASP gelding 13.2-14.2hh 6th

      • Reserve champion ridden APSB riding pony
  • Uhavta Anastasia

    • Vas Ltd Reserve champion Rider with owner Kady Moore    

Hamlot Park with Uhavta Miss Deception and Uhavta Miss Deceptions son Hamlot Park Royal Quest.

  • Uhavta Miss Deception

    • Open ridden mare 14-14.2hh  1st

    • Ridden ASP mare 13.2-14.2hh 1st

    • Ridden Arabian derivative mare or gelding 14-15hh 3rd

    • Led ASP mare 13.2-14.2hh  4th

    • Led Arabian riding pony mare over 13hh  5th

    • Led open mare 14-14.2hh ( 6th

      • Reserve champion ridden open breeds female (Phoebe)
  • Hamlot Park Royal Quest

    • Led 3yo RPSB gelding 1st

    • Led ASP gelding under 3years 2nd

    • Led Arabian riding pony gelding 2+3yo 3rd

    • Led part welsh 2 and 3 yo over 13.2hh 5th

    • Led APSB riding pony 6th

    Then we prepared Nerida Morrish’s  Sanlirra Manusricpt.

    • Led open gelding 14-15hh 3rd

    • Led Arabian riding pony gelding over 13hh  5th

    • Ridden Arabian derivative mare or gelding 14-15hh 6th

    • Open ridden gelding 14-15hh 6th


Stawell Races.

  • Callmefred: ran an honest race. Clipped heels early on and then finished race off. Will be set for another 1600 metre race and then a 2000 metre race.

  • Flat White: has shin soreness and will be turned our for a spell and then will come in and be prepped for 1400 metre and longer races.


Carabi Arabian Show

  • Uhavta Country Charm: 1st led Arabian riding pony stallion and champion led Arabian riding pony and 1st ridden open derivative stallion.



  • we had an average show. We took three out of five ponies entered. Two on the day went lame (one we started and shouldn't have and the other we unplaited and sent home) and the third behaved very well. Uhavta Royal Enchantment did very well, four 1st and one 2nd out of five classes.


Victorian All Welsh Show:

  • Uhavta Giovarni: 1st and champion part welsh colt.


  • Uhavta Glitz N Glamour: 2nd led part welsh gelding.


Moonee Valley night races:

  • Family of Boys: raced in a 3000 metre race, it wasn't until after that we realized he was still suffering a muscle strain he received at his last meeting when he hit the running rail. Now has had a massage and will have a few days off to re-cooperate. Thank you to Brendan for helping at the races and David for the stable and bed.


Uhavta Country Charm

Uhavta Country Charm (Dylan) and David: photo credit-Derek O'Leary



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