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NEWS  2011

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December 2011

Merry Christmas to all our friends. Travel safe and have a jolly time.


Photo shoot -December 2011


Uhavta Love N Life / Uhavta Lemaire



Uhavta Linen N Lace / Uhavta Royal Lullaby



"Rett The Rat" (t/b foal)


Stewie checking over the new edition

The Modern Youth "Goosey" starting to look like a race horse

Kyle the new worker for Uhavta and Austy Coffey racing stables

Kirsty patting Rett



New Kids On the Block

  •  Alexander Avenue (Beckett / Conviviality)

  •  Bay Filly (Elvstroem / Nuts About Jugah)


Victoria Shetland show 2011.

  • 2nd in turnout, rider 6 and under with Katya in the saddle and David with the rein, 2nd in lead rein 8 years and under with Katya and David, 3rd open ridden shetland with Chelsea in the saddle, 1st in child's shetland rider 7 years and under with Katya, Katya then went on to win champion child's Ridden ridden Shetland.

Special thankyou to Jodi, Chelsea and Ruby for preparing Odie.

Photos courtesy of Jodi Clarke


Last foal for the season;

  • Introducing Uhavta Lemaire "Cristophe"; Uhavta Country Charm / Kirreway Dover. A full brother to Uhavta Jackpot and Uhavta Hourglass.


National Buckskin Show

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette: 1st in 2yo Futurity, Champion led 2yo filly. Supreme champion led Mare/Filly, Grand Supreme led Champion exhibit of show.

Special thank you  to the kind sponsor's that donated to the National Buckskin. We were delighted with the lovely awards and they will sit pride of place in our home.

Julie Mapleson in honour of "Golden Sands"

Marilyn Marr

B+K Edmond in memory of Westbury De Niro

Saddleworld Bendigo


photo credit (ABove): Angie Rickard Photography






Kilmore Ag show

  •  Fenwich Odie: 1st ridden under 10.2hh and reserve champion ridden small pony.

Odie with Chelsea and Ruby Clarke.-well done girls


November 2011

SHC Vic. - Masters of the Year show

I am sitting at home recovering from an arthroscope waiting on the phone to ring to hear all the news. Exciting news it has been.

photo credit: Derek O'Leary

  • Uhavta Royal Emerald and Alannah Burns : 3rd in her intermediate rider class. Alannah is having a ball not realising what all the fuss is about, just enjoying riding her pony. Also did a beautiful workout in the childs pony.

photo credit: Derek O'Leary


  • Uhavta Getaway: Top 10 intermediate large pony ridden by Helen. She is very excited and said she still gets nervous in the workout. Might have to work out how we can get her to have a drink before she goes in the ring LOL. That will be a hard task especially when she doest drink. Finalist Led large pony.

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime: Runner Up debutante's Galloway and finalist intermediate Galloway. 4th child's ridden galloway. Congratulations to Bobby Hammet and family. A special congratulations to Sheridan Hammet who has rode her today and has rode her for all her newcomer season-well done.

photo credit: Derek O'Leary


  • Hamlot Park Royal Quest and Sheridan Hammet (Ascot Royal Tribute / Uhavta Miss Deception) Champion ridden child's pony

in very wet conditions.


Congratulations to Bianca Niere-Gibbs with Poetic Blur. They went to there first competition together and got 2nd in dressage. We are so glad he is working out. Look forward to hearing more of your successes.


Foal photo shoot

Uhavta Linen N Lace (Uhavta Country Charm / Uhavta Buttons N Bows (AI-UK)

Uhavta Royal Lullaby (Deanhills Benjamin (Imp-UK) / Malibu Park Royal Creation)

Uhavta Love N Life (Uhavta Country Charm / Silkwood Mustard Seed)


APHA Nationals

  • We took two ponies. We took Uhavta Hortie Tortie (Maddi Lloyd) and Uhavta Royal Emerald (Alannah Burns) and competed on the breeds day. The girls behaved well for their junior riders. We helped Sharyn Mangan with her 6 palominos that competed from Murraygold stud. The stud did extremely well winning the futurity (Murraygold Jassmyn) and won many sashes and awards on the palomino day and also on the breeds day. They did extremely well with Uhavta Jukebox who was a multi champion winner on the breeds day and also with Murraygold Kiss N Kuddle, who is by Uhavta Diamonds N Dreams (AI-UK) and Uhavta Royal Enchanment. Also congratulations to the Ford family with Uhavta Royal Extravagance who I believe won a sash in every event her went into.


Wentworth learning to ride

Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Owned by Murraygold Stud)



Echuca Show

  •  Uhavta Getaway: champion ridden ASP, missed his led. We won a beautiful saddle clothe donated from the ASP society. Thankyou. Garth also got champion ridden open pony, champion ridden child's pony.

  •  Uhavta Royal Emerald and Alannah Burns: 1st led and ridden ASP, and multiple placings in open, child's and breeds classes.

Congratulations to the Ford family with Uhavta Royal Extravagance, champion led, champion ridden small pony in ring 1, Supreme champion ridden exhibit of ring 1 and reserve champion ridden breeds.


Stork news

  • Malibu Park Royal Creation has given us a lovely filly by Deanhill's Benjamin.

one day old

  • Uhavta Buttons N Bows has given us a lovely filly by Uhavta Country Charm.

day of birth


October 2011

Castlemaine and Heathcoate Ag shows

  •  Fenwick Odie and Chelsea Clarke-Reserve champion led and reserve champion ridden small pony at Castlemaine and reserve champion ridden small pony at Heathcoat ag.

  • all reports owners are very happy with the way that their Uhavta stock are going.


Bendigo Ag show

  •  Congratulations to Isabella Panozzo and Kinloch stables with the continued success of Uhavta Hocus Pocus.


Barham-Koondrook Ag show-a day with the kids


  •  Uhavta Hortie Tortie: (Maddi Lloyd) 1st smartest on parade, reserve champion led RP, reserve champion ridden small pony.


  •  Uhavta Royal Emerald: (Alannah Burns), 2nd smartest on parade, champion ridden large pony, champion ridden breeds, Champion rider (Maddi Lloyd) and Reserve champion junior rider (Alannah Burns) and Supreme junior rider with Maddi in the saddle.

Supreme Junior rider-Maddi Lloyd

Congratulations to Julia and Isabella Panozzo with Uhavta Hocus Pocus (David Warde in the saddle)-Champion ridden Galloway.


Mildura Ag Show


  •  Uhavta Getaway: Champion led senior riding pony, Supreme Led RP of show , reserve champion led Arabian derivative, saddle pony and part welsh. Winner of ridden 13-13.2hh.

  •  Uhavta Hortie Tortie: (ridden by Maddi Lloyd) Reserve champion led APSB RP, 2nd led riding pony ne 12.2hh, reserve champion ridden newcomer, winner of open RP ne 12.2hh, 2nd open lead rein ne 14hh, 2nd smartest on parade, 2nd open ridden 12-12.2hh and 1st lightweight pony and reserve champion ridden. Not to mention them all.



Uhavta Hortie Tortie and Maddi Lloyd

Wentworth and Hayley having fun on the rides.

Uhavta Hubba Bubba (Kady Moore): CHampion led RP hunter, Reserve champion ridden RP Hunter and open ridden hunter.

Congratulations to the Hammet family and Uhavta Intune N Intime: Champion ridden Galloway.


Boort Ag show


  •  Uhavta Getaway: Champion led Australian pony, reserve champion led riding pony and Arabian derivative, champion ridden breeds, 1st and reserve champion ridden.

  •  Uhavta Royal Emerald and Alannah, 3rd in her rider, 2nd ridden pony 12.2-13hh, 1st ridden riding pony female.

  •  Congratulations to Kady Moore-Champion led Riding pony, champion led Arabian Derivative and champion ridden hunter with Uhavta Hubba Bubba, and congratulations to the Ford family with Uhavta Royal Extravagance-champion ridden small pony and champion led pony gelding.

Uhavta Getaway and Uhavta Royal Emerald


Uhavta Hubba Bubba and Kady Moore


Foal photo's

  •  Rett the rat playing (Cornerman / Condensation)


Kerang Ag show


  •  Uhavta Getaway-1st ridden height and RPSBS, Uhavta Royal Emerald-1st ridden height, and Uhavta Hortie Tortie-1st ridden height, 1st First ridden pony RPSB and champion ridden child's pony.


Uhavta Hortie Tortie (above with Alannah Burns and below with Shakira Pasquale)

Uhavta Royal Emerald being a true child's pony carrying our niece Alannah who is 9yo safely around the ring.

  •  Other breed Uhavta Stock also did well-Uhavta Glitz N Glamour (Teagan Lewis). Uhavta Hocus Pocus (Isabella Panozzo and Kinloch stables) and Uhavta Intune N Intime (Hamett Family). It was also great to see Ministry back in the ring with Bridget O'Bree). Uhavta Hubba Bubba(Kady Moore)-Reserve champion ridden hunter galloway.

Uhavta Intune N Intime with Sheridan Hammet (above and below)

Ministry and Bridget O'Bree (Below)

Uhavta Glitz N Glamour (Teagan Lewis) and Hamlot Park Royal Quest with Wentworth in the saddle being a great child's pony)


The Stork Arrives;

  •  Silkwood Mustard Seed-finally has her foal (20 days overdue). A chestnut colt with a white star. Nick named Deni (After the Deni Ute muster)

  •  We welcome another broodmare to the stud. Silkwood Supernatural ( Silkwood Puss N Boots / Silkwood Sweet Charity)


St Arnard show 2011

  • News from the Lewis, Hammet, Ford and Panozzo family that Uhavta Glitz N Glamour, Uhavta Intune N Intime, Uhavta Royal Extravagance,  and Uhavta Hocus Pocus had a good show.


Swan Hill Ag show 2011

We had a lovely show with our own and watching other owned- Uhavta stock performing well. Uhavta Hubba Bubba (Kady Moore)-champion led hunter, reserve champion ridden hunter. Uhavta Intune N Intime (Hammet Family) won champion led breeds and champion ridden Galloway. Uhavta Hocus Pocus (Isabella Panozzo)-Champion ridden Galloway, Uhavta Glitz N Glamour (Teagan Lewis)-champion led breeds day and champion ridden newcomer, Uhavta Go Go Girl (Zoe Lloyd)-competed in pony club on the first day and then competed and won champion on the ridden day and Uhavta Royal Hotpants did exceptionally well on breeds day.

Listed below are some highlights from the show.

  •  Uhavta Kensington-commenced  his showing career in fine style champion led ASP stallion/colt, champion led APSB-RP exhibit.  Kenny was the eventual winner of the Supreme led stallion or colt of show.

  •  Uhavta Royal Juliette-champion led part welsh, champion led buckskin.

  •  Uhavta Getaway-champion led RPSB and ASPS gelding. Champion ridden large pony.

  •  Kirreway Britannia did well in the pony club classes with Alannah.

Uhavta Hortie Tortie and Uhavta Royal Emerald -only competed in the ridden classes on the second day.

  •  Uhavta Hortie Tortie-champion ridden small pony.

  •  Uhavta Royal Emerald-won her height class. Alannah won her rider, and they were 2nd in turnout class.


Again special thank-you to people who assist us at our local show. Ness Hartage for Leading Uhavta Royal Juliette and riding Uhavta Hortie Tortie. A special thankyou to our family. Lastly a heartfelt thankyou to the rest of the horse committee that assist in the running of the Swan Hill Ag show. It takes alot of work behind the scenes to run a show and there are a lot of loyale and dedicated people on the committee who assist every year to have a show run with this calibre.

September 2011

Horsham Ag Show

  •  Uhavta Getaway: won his height class and Uhavta Hortie Tortie behaved exceptionally.

Robinvale-Euston Ag show 2011

  •  Uhavta Getaway: Supreme led breeds exhibit of show, Champion ridden large pony ring in first ring.

Getaway with his supreme led breeds sash
 Thankyou Kellie Mumford for the lovely made Garland and thankyou to the Dalla Santa family and Hayley Willison for donating the sash. Also thankyou to Stephens stockfeeds.

  •  Uhavta Hortie Tortie: This was Becky's first show under saddle (Only being shown as a led at a couple of shows as a yearling), and Alannah got to ride her, she was an absolute delight, she popped around with a child on her with no care in the world. 1st Led and reserve champion small pony, 1st rider 8-10 years, 2nd smartest on parade, 3rd ridden pony 12-12.2hh, reserve champion led APSB-RP exhibit, champion ridden ASPA.



Our boy having fun

  •  Big congratulations to all the other Uhavta Stock that competed there (only mentioning a few of there wins): Uhavta Intune N Intime (Bobby Hammet)-champion ridden Galloway and champion ridden ANSA, Hamlot Park Royal Quest (Ascot Royal Tribute / Uhavta Miss Deception)-Supreme led of show and supreme ridden of show. Uhavta Glitz N Glamour (Teagan Lewis)-Reserve champion led  pony and champion ridden newcomer pony. Uhavta Hubba Bubba-supreme led hunter and reserve champion ridden hunter exhit. Uhavta Royal Extravagance (Ford Family)-reserve champion ridden small pony. Uhavta Go Go Girl (Zoe Lloyd-Hi Point pony club exhibit.

Uhavta Intune N Intime (Sheridan Hammet)


Macquarie Bank hack championships

  •  Had a lovely time judging the premier events under lights. Congratulations to the committee for running a lovely show.



  • Uhavta Impressive: (Alias Rebel) has been Sold to Virgina and Cliff Osborne. We wish Virginia all the best with this exciting young Galloway who will be shown by David Warde and Brendan Russell of Kinloch Stable. Newcomer for 2012-2013.

Photo taken-November 2009

  •  Uhavta Glitz N Glamour: Is now owned by Teagan Lewis, we wish her all the success with this lovely pony in the future and look forward to seeing his career under saddle prosper in her guiding hands.


First Foal for the season

  •  Rett the Rat "Rett" : Cornerman / Condendation. Rett was born on the 31/08/11. He is a half brother to Vaporisation, Seven Bridges and our un-named two year old Mandy.

11 days old


  • We are very grateful to Joan Bell of Belrose stud for allowing us to purchase this lovely mare, Knightsbridge Royale "Maddi" (Syon Royal Portrait (Imp-UK) / Home Vale Hacienda ) . Maddi has had two foals for Joan which she is retaining. We have tried for years to breed a pony by Syon Royal Portrait (without success-7 tries in total). Even the start of this year (with the floods) we had one go and then were interrupted and had to evacuate our horses due to impending floods. We look forward to the foals she will breed with Uhavta Country Charm.


photos courtesy of Joan Bell-Belrose Stud


  • Poetic Blur (Felix): Sold to a loving home in Clyde


Adelaide Royal  2011

  • Congratulations to breeder & owners Bobby & Sheri Hammett today  with "Hamlot Park Royal Quest" (Ascot Royal Tribute (AI) x Uhavta Miss Deception) on being judged 1st Place Childs Pony 13-14 Hands & Res Champion Child's Pony, and fifth in the open ridden pony.

    photo courtesy of Bobby Hammet.

August 2011

Adelaide Royal Breeds day 2011

  • Uhavta Hourglass:1st led riding pony mare and champion led RP Mare, 1st Led Arabian Derivative mare ne 14.2hh,1st Led ANSA Mare and reserve champion, 2nd led galloway mare and reserve champion:

Thankyou to Chris Grigg for the sponsorship of the ANSA classes, we won a beautiful cheese engraved platter

Web: www.cgio.com.au

Thankyou to Stallions at stud for the lovely magazine we won when gaining reserve champion led Galloway mare. Thankyou the magazine kept us intrigued on our travel home

Web: www.stallionsatstud.com.au\

  • Uhavta Getaway: 1st led Arabian Derivative gelding ne 14.2hh and 3rd led Riding pony gelding 12.2-13.2hh

Thankyou to David Warde , Brendan Russell and Kaiden for all your help. Also thanks to Floral, Al, Helen and Wentworth for keeping to fort at home.


  •  Congratulations to Hamlot Park and Uhavta Intune N Intime on her first outing under saddle. What a star of the future.

Photos form Bobby Hammet

  •  Let the foaling and showing season begin. First foal due at the end of the month and Adelaide Royal Show.

July 2011

  •  Uhavta Hortie Tortie has returned from a week of being ridden by Heath Chalmers (thanks for the hard work). Been home a week and the niece has had a ride.

25th July 2011

  •  Show ponies in and about to get ready for the up and coming show season. Our first foal is due the end of next month, ("doesn't the year fly"). Then the pony broodies start the month after. We are very civilised this year one due a month. Then on top of that it will be breeding season.

  •  Offered for sale again is Uhavta Head Over Heels, rising 4 yo gelding. Ready to break in.

  •  Photo shoot done of Uhavta Khe Sanh-now being prepped for the show season.

Photos taken 2nd July 2011 at dusk


Thoroughbred News

  •  Poetic Blur raced in Mildura on Monday the 4th. For the first time he actually jumped and settled, hopefully he is starting to learn in his old age. Sweet Polly, is learning to jump out the barriers. Mandy is being broken in.

June 2011

  •  Life is starting to get back to normal, we have pulled the Levy down around our house. Now we can look out to the paddocks with a beautiful view.

  •  Uhavta Giovarni has been sold to Nerida and Melissa Corbett of Corvan Park Stud. They have been showing Gino for the past year and a half and have fell in Love with the Italian Stallion. We wish them all the best in the future and look forward to seeing him come out under saddle.

Photos courtesy of D Moss Photograghy and Corvan stud

  • The racing carnival in Swan Hill has begun. We have had 11 horses stay. Our young mare Wild Armani had her second start and took skin off her hip and popped a splint. Now time for a well earned spell.

  •  Generous Two has been sold to a loving family. We wish Erin all the best with Arthur.

May 2011

NSW Northern State championships-Lismore

  •  Helen and myself had a lovely time judging at Lismore. What a great show. We had a lovely time judging the Riding ponies and Smartest on Parades. We recommend it to anyone to go there and judge. It is a great day with quality animals to judge in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Special thanks to Leonie, Eleanor, Bob, Joe, Paul, Sally,  Di and all the staff and committee. Also a special thankyou to the other judges John Paget, Lindy Walker, Jacinda Smith and Sally Belcher.


Swan Hill A+P May Horse Show

  •  We had a ball helping in the kitchen and with the PA. Our Niece had a great day with Kirreway Britannia returning to the ring. Thank you Nerida Morrish for taking care of her, making sure she got into the right classes. Uhavta Glitz N Glamour also made  his debut under saddle, winning champion ridden large pony Thank you to all the competitors who travelled and supported the show. Also thankyou to the people who donated there time, cooking skills and to the supporters who gave monetary gifts. This all goes towards the running of the Swan Hill A+P Ag show in October. All our thanks to make our local show a success in October.

Alannah with Brit.

Wentworth-photo courtesy of Frank Agosta.


  •  Playing at home with the thoroughbreds.

Poetic Blur-going over the levy

Wild Armani

April 2011

Playing ponies with Wentworth and Alannah

  •  We got the old girls out of the paddock - Malibu Park Royal Creation and Kirreway Britannia out and had a play.


Weanling make Over-Helen and myself had a day off together so we played with the weanlings.

  •  Uhavta Khe Sahn (Uhavta Country Charm / Kirreway Vision)

  •  Uhavta Kensington (Whiterose Michelangelo / Kirreway Diamontina)

  •  Uhavta Kaiserin (Penmarric Killarney / Natural Grace)




  • Generous Two raced at Mildura, didn't like tongue tie, the raced Swan Hill 25/04/11. Now retired. AS per the jockey doesn't want to race anymore. Can see more about Arthur on the For Sale Page.

  •  Poetic Blur raced at Hillston and he didn't like the going or dirt. Then we put him in a shorter race at Kereng 23/04/11 getting him fitter for a distance race in the future.

  •  Aussie Oasis was all set to race over Easter-trialled three times, but now has an abcess under his jaw being treated.

  •  Wild Armani: had her first start in a race at Kerang 23/04/11 and what a momonth fete this has been. Guided by Wayne Hokai in the saddle she jumped awkward and two collided. This filly will be heaps better for this race. This is a very hormonal mare and has required a lot of work to get her to settle in the barriers. Special thanks has to go to Austy Coffee and Heath Chalmers, they did a heap of hard work with her at the start getting her to walk through the barriers. Then she went to Kelly and Luke Adcock's were they got her to trail and get her barriers certificate.


Sydney Royal show

Congratulations to Corvan Park Stud with:

  • Uhavta Giovarni: 1st led ASPA stallion and champion led ASPA Stallion, called in 2nd and placed 3rd after being naughty in led Arabian Derivative stallion, 3rd riding pony led stallion : Sydney Royal 2011



Photos courtesy of D Moss Photograghy and Corvan stud

Conghratulations to Racheal Lynch

  • Uhavta Earle Of Arrogance: 2nd led child's ridden Galloway Hunter: Sydney Royal 2011


March 2011

  • Uhavta Head Over Heels: Under Offer to Michelle Darnell and we look forward to seeing him come out in the future


Cohuna Ag show

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette: Champion led riding pony exhibit, reserve champion led part welsh, reserve champion led APSB derivative, and reserve champion led buckin

  • Uhavta Getaway: champion ridden part welsh and reserve champion ridden APSB derivative


Wakool Ag show

  •  Uhavta Imitation : Reserve champion RPSB, Reserve champion led Arabian/Arabian derivative, Reserve champion pony, Reserve champion Any other breed.

  • Uhavta Jump N Jive: Placed in all his led classes in open pony, RPSB, any other breed and  Arabian Derivative.


Uhavta Jump N Jive and Simone.

Thanks To Simone for leading Noah and doing a great job, and also to Ally for leading Pink at one stage when my knee just couldn't do it anymore-looks like surgery down the road.

February 2011

Darwin Racing

  • Congratulations to the owners and trainer of Seven Bridges (out of our thoroughbred mare Condensation), returning to winning form in Darwin. First start back in from a spell 26/01/11 2nd only going down by a head after missing the start and then 1st on the 26/2/11.


Canberra Royal

  •  Uhavta Getaway- 2nd led Arabian derivative gelding under 14hh and reserve champion, 5th led riding  pony gelding 12.2-13.2hh.

  •  Uhavta Hourglass-1st led Arabian derivative filly under 4years and 4th led ANSA filly.

  •  Congratulations to Corvan park stud with : Uhavta Giovarni- 1st led part welsh stallion and reserve champion, 2nd led riding pony stallion, 3rd led ASPA stallion and 5th led Arabian derivative stallion.

  •  Congratulations to Rachael Lynch with : Uhavta Earle of Arrogance-6th open ridden show hunter 14-14.2hh, and 3rd ridden part welsh gelding.

  • Congratulations to Bobby Hammet with : Hamlot Park Royal Quest-(Ascot Royal Tribute / Uhavta Miss Deception), 3rd open ridden pony 13.2-14hh, 3rd novice ridden pony and 3rd child's ridden pony.



  •  Uhavta Royal Juliette: 1st led yearling buckskin, Champion led youngstock buckskin and Supreme led Buckskin of show.

We were so proud of our little girl. Her first show. She was all prepared for Melbourne Royal and then was evacuated to a farm with the impending floods. Rustette went through a fence and did not cope being in a 1000 acre paddock with all the broodmares and cows. We went and picked her up as soon as we could and started from scratch to get her ready for Barastoc 2 weeks ago.

  •  Fenwich Odie: 2nd led lead rein shetland with Dakota Pinton-Pfieffer in the saddle: Barastoc 2011. Thanks to David Warde (Kinloch Stables) for leading him and for the Clarkes and Pinton-Pfieffer family for taking care of him.

  • Congratulations to the other Uhavta bloodlines that flew the flag: Uhavta Royal Enchantment and Uhavta Jukebox (Mangan Family)in the palomino ring bringing home the sashes. Uhavta Royal Extravagance (Ford Family) placing in nearly all the classes he is entered, we even heard he did well in the dressage for his first time. Last Bobby Hammet and Hamlot Park Royal Quest (Ascot Royal Tribute / Uhavta Miss Deception) Top ten open large pony and multiple other placing's.


  •  We are  proud to announce the sale of Uhavta Hocus Pocus  (Harley) to Julia and Isabella Panozzo. We look forward to hearing his successes in the coming years. Congratulations.

January 2011

VAS Limited-Day 2

  • Fenwick Odie-Jodie and Chelsea Clarke Top 6 rising star shetland.

VAS Limited-Day 1

  • Fenwick Odie-Remains with Jodie and Chelsea Clarke and has competed at VASA. And will compete at Barastoc. We had a phone call from David "Kinloch Stables", they just won the leading rein Shetland at VASA with Dakota Pfieffer in the Saddle (Fonzi and Steph's daughter of Divine stud). It put a smile on our face. Congratulations to the Clarke family, Pfieffer family and to David Ward for all his hard work. Also thanks to Brenda for the phone call. Good Luck for Day 2.


Photo's courtesy of Steph. Pinton (Dakota's Mum)

Photo credit: Julie Wilson


The Flood Preparation

  •  Well what a start to 2011. Flooding for Swan Hill. First we had a phone call to help evacuate horses from Kerang and then we find out roads closed. Next a meeting for Lake Boga and surroundings area's. We get told that waters will be at our place in two days time. On Thursday the 20th January we evacuate 30 plus horses with the assistance of friends (Meinholds, Managan , Jones, Lloyds, Bruce) to Alby Mangles and his father in law's farm. We can not thank these people enough. Next was the stallion and colts and a visiting broodmare. Our Friends (The Anderson family) from Mildura took our resident stallion and our visiting mare, and friends from Euston (Vicki, Kady and Brett) took our yearling colt and the two year old thoroughbred that we had just evacuated from the Kerang floods.

  • It was extremely hard having horses in the stable ready for shows and taking them to paddocks, taking of their rugs and saying now go and defend for yourself.

  • Next it was to save the house. Our friend Jason Morrish from Ouyen, who was Al's best man at our wedding and is Wentworth's God-Father came to the rescue and has built a Levy with the assistance of his mate Honker "Robert", Al and Kady's partner Brett. What a mammoth effort. You just need to look at the photo's to see Jock's master piece.

  • Then we re-evacuated horses to a friend farm a bit closer so that we could still work the thoroughbred's, thanks to Nerida Morrish for helping us relocate horses  to Gav Murphy for allowing us to use his paddocks and yards.

  • The broodmares and foals are at Alby's father in laws.

  • Lastly we would like to thank all our family and friends that have offered us assistance. We know who you all are and appreciate the offers. We greatly appreciate all the offers of help.

  • All we can say is thankyou and hope that it is truly only a one in 200 year event.

  • To keep you updated we were told we were going to be flooded by the 23rd of January, today the 29th we are told it is still coming. It has been a life experience, but one that I do not want to part-take in again, We look so forward to getting all our horses home. We miss them dreadfully. I don't know how I will cope when Wentworth wants to leave home.

Swan Hill Floods 2011-photos

Air photos 29/11/ 2011-photos

Kerang Floods 2011-photos

  • We have missed Melbourne Royal Horse Show and had six horses entered. David Ward had Uhavta Hourglass in his stables at Bendigo. He borrowed a bridle from Bev Richard's. We can not thank them enough, as Uhavta Hourglass competed on the Thursday and won her two filly classes and ANSA and the Arabian Riding Pony filly and stood Reserve champion Arabian Riding pony Mare/filly.

  • David also did a mercy Dash with Brendan and Janet. They took Uhavta Getaway and Uhavta Hocus Pocus back to Bendigo to keep them in work, after they suffered some scratches in the paddock.

  • We had to also withdraw from VASA and will not have ponies ready for the RP and RP youngstock show now, which disappoints us tremendously.

  • We just hope we can get to Canberra Royal. We need to look at the brighter side of life and hope that our family, horses and house remain dry and safe.




  • News from Hamlot Park: Uhavta Intune N Intime: "our super star filly. This filly has super movement and look at me presence, soooo quiet we couldn't help but break her in will be ready for new comers in 2012"

we look forward to seeing her out and about.


Murray Loddon APSB Show

  • Congratulations to Jodie and Chelsea Clarke, Dakota Pfieffer and Kinloch Stables with Fenwick Odie-1st and reserve champion led Shetland gelding, 1st ridden open height, 1st leading rein and Dakota was 2nd in her rider. Congratulations to all the connections. Beautifully prepared by Chelsea-Thankyou.

Odie and Dakota


  • Uhavta Go Go Girl is under offer-more details to follow.

  • Two new horses have been purchased, stay tuned for details and photos.

  • It was so nice to receive a phone call from Shirlene re; Her purchase last June- Uhavta Imposter to say that he is going so well and is lovely and quiet. He was to return early this year to be broken in, but as he was so quiet Shirlene decided to break him in herself with a friend in the high Country. She rang up to say how proud she was of him. We are proud of you both Shirlene  and your friend and look forward to see him out and about under saddle. Congratulations.

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