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December 2014

Australian Saddle Pony -Victorian Championships

  • Uhavta Royal Nursery Rhyme:

    • Champion Led ASP filly
    • Supreme led ASP youngstock


  • Uhavta Royal Juliette:

    • Reserve champion led ASP studbook
    • Reserve champion led ASP mare 12.2-13/2hh
    • Reserve champion ASP Mare 12.2-13.2hh
    • Reserve champion ridden double registered 12.2-13.2hh
    • Reserve champion intermediate handler (Alannah)

congratulations to other Uhavta Owners on your results

  • Uhavta Royal Extravagance (Davron Stud)

    • Champion Led ASP gelding Ne 12.2hh

    • Champion Ridden ASP gelding Ne 12.2hh

    • Reserve champion double registered Ridden

    • Best ridden studbook exhibit


  • Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Sharyn Mangan)

    • Reserve champion led ASP mare ne 12.2hh


  • Uhavta Royal Lullaby (Kaylene Butterworth)

    • 1st & reserve champion dual registered, 1st saddle pony filly, 1st ASP stud book,


National Buckskin Society

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette:

    • Champion Led Buckskin Mare
    • Supreme Champion led buckskin Mare/filly

National Buckskin All breeds show

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette:

    • Champion led APSB/RP
    • Champion ridden ASP exhibit
    • Champion ridden part welsh exhibit
    • Champion ridden RPSB exhibit
    • Reserve champion intermediate rider (Alannah)
    • Reserve champion led ASP Mare/filly
    • Reserve champion ridden APB/RP or APSB PB

  • Uhavta Royal Nursery Rhyme:

    • Reserve champion led Palomino Mare/filly


Owners news and results

  • Mirinda Gold Flake : has settled in well to her new home. Has been AI'd and now waiting with fingers crossed she is a positive result and cooking up a beutiful palomino for Rob and Sue.

  • Uhavta Imposter: competed at the dressage Festival at WPNEC for Amity Hancock and represented the stud and Amity with pride, finishing Top 12.

  • Uhavta Royal Extravagance (Davron ParK) competed at the Vic All Welsh and was champion led and reserve champion ridden.

  • Uhavta Royal Lullaby (Kaylene Butterworth) Apsb extravaganza show.  champion pali/buckskin filly,

Another photo of Uhavta Royal Lullaby from the Pali champs.

Photo credit: Kellie Troy photography (Thankyou for the photo Kaylene)

November 2014

News from Owners

  • Uhavta Impressive Owned by Virginia Osborne, prepared by David Warde and Brendan Russell of Kinloch Stable had great results for the Show Horse Council Victoria HOTY show-winner of led hunter galloway, winner of intermediate Galloway and Runner Up Hunter Galloway HOTY.


  • Uhavta Royal Lullaby-at the APHA palomino Nationals-Bronze, silver gold recipient in the awards. Day 1,won filly class & reserve champion. Lucy got 3rd in handler & 4th in best presented, Cassidy got 3rd in fancy dress . Day 2 1st led filly and champion led palomino filly.


  • Anikka Dalton-teaching Uhavta Jackpot to jump.


  • Our beautiful Galloway girl- Miss Hayley


Lexie has been sold

  • Mirinda Gold Flake has been sold to a lovely stud in NSW, We wish Sue and Robert Morris of www.regalgoldpalominos.com We hope Lexie breeds beautiful palominos for you.


Hay Races

Shazaconi-wins her first race with Cameron Quilty in the saddle. Hope its the start of many more to come.Thank you to sponsors Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital and Hay Bowling and Gold Club.


More news for owners.

  • Uhavta Jackpot and Anika-winner of height and Annika champion rider, at Daylesford Show.


  • Uhavta Royal Lullaby and Kaylene Butterworth-Supreme champion led junior palomino and Supreme part welsh junio, at  Lilydale Show.


News from Owners having success:

  • Uhavta Jackpot (Anikka Dalton)Anikka and Jag  at their very first show together-!Newcomb Whittington Moolap Open Horse Show And what wonderful results!-Champion Galloway in the first ring and Reserve Champion Rider 12 Years and Under

Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot) after winning Champion Open Galloway at NWM Show.

  • Uhavta Royal Lullaby (Kaylene Butterworth).1st best presented 2nd mane & tail, 1st pally filly, reserve champion at Dandenong Ag show.

  • Uhavta Imposter (Amity Hancock) is Super excited that Flynny (Uhavta Imposter) has been accepted into both the prelim and the novice at the Vic Dressage Festival!

  • Uhavta Head Over Heels (Henry Family)- ISHE (Interschools) in Tamworth,-They placed in everything they went in-ring events, dressage and jumping (55cm). Also 4th at ODE in Coonabarabran.

Annabelle and Herbie

  • Realsmparc Sea Charm (Sired by Uhavta Country Charm) (Melissa Molloy)-first show back Champion Hunter at Dandenong Ag Show


Farm Pics

Uhavta Nightgown and Uhavta Negligee

Uhavta Nightgown and Uhavta M-Brace


Uhavta Marcasite

Thoroughbred broodies

Carbonados / Its All Good


  • The Stork has arrived and we have a beautiful filly named Olay (Uhavta Ooh La La)-Uhavta Country Charm / Knightsbridge Royale) Photos to come.

  • Silkwood Mustard Seed has just foaled a lovely filly by Uhavta Kensington. Still to be named.

  • On a very sad note Malibu Park Royal Creation / Uhavta Kensington have us an exquisite palomino filly with three stockings and blaze. Unfortunately this filly died due to an extreme difficult delivery due to a malpresentation. Our Vet was quick to arrive. We cannot thank our Vets enough as we still have Floss standing in the paddock. She has been plaited, pampered and  bathed by the kids since the ordeal. Even when the trauma was occurring and after she did not even sing out for her foal as she knew it had died. She is a grande old mare that we love dearly.


We apologies for the people that were interested in our thoroughbred mares Carbonados and It's All Good. We have retained.


  • For sale page updated, we offer two lovely saddle mares for sale, be quick before we change our mind. Only offering as young ones to come in. If we sell sell some of the young stock these mares will be retained.


Barham-Koondrook Show

  • Uhavta Hourglass

    • Led rpsbs mare 13.2-14.2hh  1st and champion

    • Led Galloway 14-14.2hh  1st and reserve champion

    • Ridden rpsbs 3rd

    • Rider 12-14years (Alannah) 3rd

    • Galloway ridden 14-14.2hh 1st and reserve champion


  • Uhata Imitation

    • Led Arab/ Arabian derivative mare/filly 1st and champion

    • Led Rpsb mare/ filly 12-13.2hh 1st and reserve champion

    • Ridden rpsbs  2nd

    • Ridden 13-13.2hh 1st

    • Ridden 13-13.2hh  2nd

    • Rider 12-14years ( Shanae) 2nd

    • Rider 12-14 years (Shanae) 3 rd


  • Uhavta Royal Juliette

    • Led apsb on or apsb Rp. 1st

    • Led part welsh mare/filly 1st and champion

    • Led buckskin mare/filly 1st and champion

    • Led Arab/Arabian derivative mare/filly 2nd and reserve champion

    • Led rpsbs mare/ filly 12-13.2hh  2nd

    • Led open pony 13-14hh 1st and champion

    • Ridden buckskin 3rd

    • Ridden Arabian/ Arabian derivative 1st

    • Ridden 13-13.2hh  2nd

    • Ridden 13-13.2 hh  1st



State Titles with Running

  • Congratulations to Alannah the day after the SHVC Junior showcase. Alannah competed at Bendigo in three events representing St Mary's Primary school. Now she is going to Melbourne for the state Finals in the 100 metre sprints.


SHCV Junior showcase challenge

Uhavta Imitation (Shane) and Uhavta Royal Juliette (Alannah)

Uhavta Imitation (Shane) and Uhavta Hourglass (Alannah)


News from Deanne Dalton

"So excited to announce we have bought the beautiful Uhavta Jackpot who is Anikka's next horse! 'Jag' is 14.3hh gelding by Uhavta Country Charm and we are sooooo thankful to Emma Richardson and Jo Devrome for selling us their baby It was love at first sight and Anikka and I cannot wait to show him and have many, many years of love and fun with him "


News from Amity Hancock with Uhavta Imposter

"What a great day today! Flynny won the prelim championship at the SA Spring Champs with 70%! Isn't he a good boy! Very proud of him, he tried his little heart out.

Looking forward to the novice tomorrow. AHDC are putting on a great show! Thanks also to mum for all her help today and for warming me up. She's a trooper!

Very proud of little Flynny winning the novice championship with 69% at day 2 of the SA Spring Champs! This level is relatively new for him so I am absolutely thrilled. He is one very tired pony tonight! Thanks everyone for your help and support (especially mum!). Well done AHDC on a fantastic weekend, what a great show!"


Swan Hill Ag Show 2014.

  • Uhavta Myluckyday

    • Champion led Arabian derivative stallion/colt

    • Champion led over height RPSB

    • Champion led part welsh stallion / colt

    • Champion led youngstock to mature over 14hh

  • Uhavta Hourglass

    • Champion led Arabian derivative Mare/filly

    • Reserve champion led ANSA exhibit

    • Reserve champion led ASP Mare/filly

    • Reserve champion led district exhibit

    • Reserve champion led Gelding/mare over 14hh

  • Uhavta Royal Nursery Rhyme

    • Reserve champion led Arabian derivative mare/filly


  • Uhavta Royal Juliette

    • Champion led buckskin senior exhibit

    • Champion led open pony mare

    • Reserve champion led APSB RP/APSB PB

    • Reserve champion led part welsh Mare/filly

    • Supreme led buckskin exhibit

Fenwick Odie and Wentworth in the Lead rein and turnout.



Robinvale-Euston Ag show 21-09-14

  • Uhavta Hourglass

    • Champion childs ridden exhibit

    • Champion junior rider  (Alannah)

    • Champion Led ANSA exhibit

    • Champion led Galloway

    • Champion ridden ANSA

    • Supreme Led Open Exhibit

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette

    • Champion first season pony

    • Champion led APSB RP / APSB PB

    • Champion led ASP

    • Champion Led Buckskin

    • Champion Led Part welsh

    • Reserve champion childs ridden exhibit

    • Reserve champion led Arabian Derivative
    • Reserve champion led open Pony
    • Reserve champion led RPSB
    • Reserve champion ridden open large pony

    • Supreme Led coloured exhibit


  • Uhavta Royal Nursery Rhyme

    • Champion Led Palomino

  • Uhavta Imitation

    • Champion led Arabian Derivative

    • Champion led RPSB

    • Champion ridden ASP exhibit

    • Reserve champion ridden breeds

    • Supreme Led Breeds

Wyann Bounty and Wentworth-winner of hunter lead rein.


Melbourne Royal Show 2014

  •  UHAVTA INTUNE N INTIME & Sammi Kennedy.

    • 1st Novice Galloway 14-14.2hh

    • 2nd Open lightweight Galloway 14-14.2hh



Hay Ag Show-14th September 2014.

  • Uhavta Hourglass

    • Reserve champion ridden Galloway
    • Champion ridden breeds
  • Uhavta Royal Juliette
    • Reserve champion ridden breeds


Adelaide Royal Show 2014

  • Congratulations to Bobby Hammet, Samantha Kennedy for placing 3rd in Novice Galloway 14-14.2hh and 6th in the open Galloway 14-14.2hh with Uhavta Intune N Intime and to Jacquie Devrome with Uhavta Jackpot placing 6th in novice Galloway 14.2-15hh and 1st in pair of Galloways.. We are so proud of the wonderful work you are doing with these Galloway's.

Photos : Angie Rickard

Photos : Angie Rickard


Uhavta Intune N Intime Photo credit: Derek OLeary

Thankyou Bobby for the photos

Uhavta Jackpot (Photo credit; Derek OLeary)


Horsedeal Adds for 2014.


August 2014


Congratulations to Amity Hancock and Uhavta Imposter

We just received a beautiful message from Amity.

Huge big pats for clever Flynny (Uhavta Imposter) on getting 70% in the prelim and winning the Robe Bakery Rosetown PRELIM CHAMPIONSHIP on the weekend at the winter series! He is just so clever and such a delight to ride. Thanks Flynny xx



The girls have been having fun at recent gymkana's. Thanks to Alannah, Shanae and Lilly. We welcome Shanae to the showing team.


Nyah Pony club Gymkana

  • Uhavta Hourglass,(Alannah Burns)

    • Champion junior rider
    • Champion led Galloway
    • Champion ridden Galloway

  • Uhavta Getaway: (Alannah Burns)-Had a ball watching Garth do the jumping and the novelties. .

  • Fenwick Odie (Shane Alford)

    • Champion ridden small pony

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette-(Alannah Burns)

    • Champion led Large Pony

    • Reserve Champion ridden large pony
    • Reserve champion ridden large pony
  • Uhavta Imitation (Shanea Alford)

    • Champion ridden large pony

  • Alannah also rode Vicki Moriis and Kady Moore's Pony-Morningside Penny Occasion for:

    • Champion ridden hunter pony
    • Champion ridden small pony




Swan Hill Pony Club Gymkana;

  • Uhavta Hourglass, (Alannah Burns):

    • Reserve champion junior pony club rider

    • Champion open junior rider
    • Reserve champion ridden pony club Galloway
    • Reserve champion led Open Galloway
    • Reserve champion ridden Galloway
  • Uhavta Getaway: (Alannah Burns): Did great in Novelties. In Helen's word "he goes good"

  • Fenwick Odie and Wentworth did the Topsy ring and had a ball. Even won the fattest pony which he was stoked about.



News from owners-congratulations to these owners we are very proud.

  • Uhavta Earle of Arrogance has been sold to a new home. We thanks Wendy Pattinson and Chelsea for giving Jock a great home.

"It still brings tears to our eyes Wendy. I think Of Jock and look back at him being a foal, colt, stallion and then gelding. Once under saddle he showed his true worth of getting children to ride in the show ring, happy and confidently. All we hope as breeders that our horses get a good life and when older they are not just left and in pain and are given good retirement. Thank you to your family for giving him a loving part of your life. We look forward to hearing of his new adventures. We hope his new owner keeps us in touch."

  • Uhavta Entertainer Isabella Robertson-Dixon  took second place in the Participant Preliminary 1.1.at the Boneo Park Winter Dressage championships in June.


  • Uhavta Heathrob: competed at the Victorian Inter schools competition. Howard competed with his owner Arlia Munn in the EV Interschools jumpin (State champion / national Qualifier secondary 90cm 238 2.2 Division 2) Representing Mortlake College. Howard and Arlia where 1st, Time 71.43, Time 54.7 with no faults.


Three Bridges Stud;

Thank you to the Liston family for our two new thoroughbred youngsters.

  • Boxer,2yo gelding, Bay Gelding. Sire: Stryker, Dam: Majestic Harmony DOB. 3/11/2012, bred by Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, G Johnson, Vic

  • Hope; Weanling filly, Sire: Captain Gerrard, Dam: Sweet Secret DOB: 08/11/2013 bred by Pipeliner Bloodstock Pty Ltd, SA



  • Congratulations to Nikki Hauser the new owner of Sweet Polly (Uhavta Golly Gosh). We look forward to seeing her at shows and doing ODE.



St Arnaud Gymkana;

  • Uhavta Hourglass, : Reserve champion led and reserve champion ridden Galloway.

  • Uhavta Getaway: Champion Led Pony.

  • Fenwick Odie and Wentworth went in the Topsy ring. Wentworth was so excited to win the fattest pony.



June 2014

  • Congratulations to Uhavta Entertainer  (Isabella Robertson-Dixson) at Boneo Park-Winter Dressage competition. Took second place in the Participant Preliminary 1.1.. Photo on horse deals.

  • Congratulations to Amity Hancock and Uhavta Imposter "Flynny" who won the rug for Best Performed Pony this weekend at the June Challenge! He also won his first official novice start and got scores of up to 68%.




  • We welcome to new thoroughbred weanlings to stables from the Inglis sales.


  • " Xena" ( Red Arrow / Stars Turn Out-NZ ) DOB 19/09/2013

LOT 232







  • " Tingles" , ( Amedaus Wolf / Selana). DOB 19/09/2013.

LOT 211




Amadeus Wolf



Amadeus Wolf information




  • Uhavta Stud is offering a selection of thoroughbred / pony mares for sale. If not sold will be put in foal to our stallions / thoroughbred stallion for foals in 2015. Youngstock also listed for sale.


May 2014


April 2014

Two new kids on the block

"Jerri"-(Atronomer Royal / Selena)

"May"-(Reward For Effort / Miss Mayfair)


more information on thoroughbred web site if you would like to join in the ownership of these two fillies.



Sydney Royal Show 2014

Congratulation to owners and exhibitors of the Uhavta Bred horses at Sydney Royal 2014.

Uhavta Impressive-(V Osborne, Kinloch stables, D Warde) at his first royal show under saddle in open galloway classes.

  • 6th novice ridden galloway 14-14.2hh

  • 5th open lightweight Galloway.

Sydney Royal 2014-Uhavta Impressive

Photo: Angie Rickard

Uhavta Intune N Intime. (Bobby Hammet and Sam Kennedy)

  • 5th Novice Galloway 14-14.2hh

  • 6th Open Lightweight galloway

  • 3rd led ANSA mare 14-15hh

  • 3rd ridden RP mare 13.2-14.2hh

Sydney Royal 2014-Uhavta Intune N Intime

Photo: Angie Rickard




Congratulations to Erin Montford with Uhavta Lemaire on his recent success at :

  • Camden Show 2014- Christo's 2nd show!

    • Champion led part welsh

    • Champion led part apsb

  • Castle Hill Show.

    • 1st led part welsh gelding 2 & 3 years.

    • 1st Led riding pony gelding 2 & 3 years and

    • 1st led ASP gelding 2 & 3 years.


Swan Hill Pony club -Dressage and show jumping day

  • Uhavta Getaway and Alannah Burns

    • competed open (Grade 4) as not enough Rallies in last half of the year.

    • 1st and 2nd in show jumping

    • 2nd and 3rd in dressage.


Big congratulations to  Arlia Munn and Uhavta Hearthrob.

  • Howard was purchased by Mirren and Paul Munn as a weanling/yearling. They have educated him and Howard has been competing in the Western Districts at shows (Camperdown, Mt Gambier, Woady Yalock, Emu Creek and others) in Dressage, cross country, Horse trials. We love seeing the photos and are so proud to see you competing on him. Thank you to Paul and Mirren for the photos.

Photo Credit: Paul Munn


More Photos on Uhavta Hearthrobs Page

March 2014

SHC Grand Nationals:

  • Uhavta Stud is very proud and Congratulates:

    • Melissa Molloy and the Molloy family with Relmsparc Sea Charm (Uhavta Country Charm /Carisma Park Juliet) Top ten small hunter Galloway,

    Thankyou to the Molloy family for these photos.


    • Uhavta Royal Extravagance (Ford Family) represented the stud in the small ponies, and

    • unfortunately Uhavta Hubba Bubba (Kady Moore) who qualified was not entered due to owner/rider having other commitments and will return to the show ring in another 12 months.


    Show Hack Council-All States showdown


  • Uhavta Ealre Of Arrogance (Chelsea Pattinson)-Finalist Childs show hunter Galloway.


    Show Hack Council SA-Rising Star championship show

    Congratulations to

  • Bobby Hammett and Samantha Kennedy with Uhavta Intune N Intime Runner Up Small Galloway.

  • Lesley and Murray Hall who recently purchased Uhavta Anastasia and was champion led Hunter Galloway, 2nd in Novice ridden Hunter large Galloway.


A great few ag. shows to finish off the season and now focus on the weanlings and thoroughbreds, and give the saddle horses a rest. Uhavta Royal Juliette commenced her saddle career and what a gem. No working down required and just goes into the ring. What a pleasure, and she looks so sweet and dainty under saddle. The ponies Uhavta Royal Juliette, uhavta Hourglass, Uhavta Imitation and Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Owned by Sharyn Mangan and prepared by the Lloyd Family), were all ridden by Alannah and Helen Burns, Maddison and Zoe Lloyd, and all riders had a great time sharing ponies and rides.


Natimuk Ag show

thanks to Alannah, Dimity and Maddi for riding the ponies

  • Uhavta Hourglass

    • *Childs Galloway over 14hh ne 15hh  1st ,Champion ridden child’s exhibit

    • Rider 12 years and under 14 years (Alannah and Hayley) 2nd

    • *Open Galloway 14-14.2hh  1st ,Champion ridden Galloway

    • *Led Galloway mare 14-14.2hh  1st , Reserve champion led Galloway

    • *Led AOB female  1st ,Champion led breeds female over 14hh

    • *Ridden all breeds over 14hh  1st , Champion Ridden breeds female over 14hh


  • Uhavta Imitation:

    • *Rider 12year and under 14years (Maddi-Pink) 1st ,Champion Junior rider under 16 years (Maddi)

    • Good Hands rider 12 and under 15 years (Maddi) 1st

    • *Ridden open pony 13-13.2hh  1st , Champion ridden pony exhibit

    • *Led part bred Arabian female  1st , Reserve champion Led breeds female under 14hh

    • *Ridden all breeds 12.2-14hh 2nd , Reserve champion ridden all breeds 14hh and under

    • Supreme ridden exhibit
    • Supreme rider of show


  • Uhavta Royal Juliette

    • *Led pony mare 12.2 to 14hh  1st and  Champion led pony

    • *Open pony ridden 13-13.2hh  1st and Champion ridden large Pony

    • *Ridden all breeds 12.2 to 14hh  1st , Champion ridden All breeds 14hh and under.



Happy snaps from the Paddocks

foals-Uhavta Nice N Naughty / Uhavta Nightgown


Foal-Uhavta Lightlife

Foal-Uhavta Negligee

2yo gelding-Uhavta Love N Life

The Boys

Uhavta Country Charm / Uhavta Kensington

Yearling-Uhavta Myluckyday

Yearling-Uhavta Marcasite



Cohuna Ag show

  • Uhavta Hourglass: *Ridden Galloway 14-14.2hh  1st ,Champion ridden Galloway ,*Led any other breed female (Hayley) 1st ,Reserve champion led Any other breed ,Ridden Riding pony 2nd ,Ridden Any other breed 1st

  • Uhavta Imitation; Ridden pony 13—13.2hh  1st ,Led Arabian/Arabian derivative female 3rd ,Ridden Riding pony (Pink) 3rd

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette : *Ridden pony 13-13.2hh 1st ,Champion ridden large pony,*Led pony over 12.2hh  1st ,Champion led pony, Galloway. Horse . Led riding pony female  1st ,Champion led breed/riding pony exhibit, *Led Arabian/Arabian derivative female  1st ,Reserve champion Arab/Arabian derivative, Led buckskin female  1st ,Champion led buckskin, Ridden ASP ,2nd , Ridden APSB Part bred / APSB RP  2nd ,*Ridden Buckskin  1st ,Champion ridden Breeds.

Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Mangan/ Llody) had a great show winning , champion led palomino, reserve champion led ASP and other champion/reserves.


Wakool Ag show

  • Uhavta Hourglass: *Open ridden Galloway 1st , Reserve champion ridden Galloway,*Rider 12 years and under 14 years (Alannah and Hayley) 2nd ,Reserve champion intermediate rider,Led RPSB mare 12-14hh  3rd , Led ASP Mare/filly  3rd ,Led Mare / filly 14-15hh  2nd , Ridden APSB part bred/riding pony  2nd , Ridden part welsh 2nd , Ridden Arabian/ Arabian derivative  1st ,Ridden RPSB  2nd ,Ridden ASP  3rd . Ridden Any other breed  1st .

  • Uhavta Imitation: *Open ridden pony 13-13.2hh 1st ,Champion ridden large pony, *Led RPSB mare 12-14hh  1st , Champion led RPSB , *Led ASP Mare/filly  1st , Champion led ASP exhibit, *Led Arab derivative Female  1st , Champion led Arabian derivative / Arabian exhibit, Ridden part welsh  3rd , Ridden RPSB  1st . Reserve champion ridden breed exhibit

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette: Open ridden pony 13-13.2hh  2nd ,*Led part welsh female  1st ,Champion led part welsh exhibit ,Led Buckskin Mare/filly  2nd , Led Arab derivative female  2nd , *Led pony mare 12-14hh  1st , Champion led pony exhibit, Ridden Buckskin  2nd .

Uhavta Royal Enchantment (Mangan/Llody) had a great show winning champion ridden small pony, champion ridden breeds, supreme led palomino, reserve champion led ASP (only to mention a few)

February 2014

Want a different holiday over winter-why not try something different

Colonial way Horse drawn holiday.



Colonialway adventure holiday you tube clip.


Interstate travellers News


Hawkesbury Park Country Cottage is conveniently located on the Sturt Highway, Darlington Point (Waddi) in the beautiful Riverina region of NSW.  We are located 160Km west of Wagga Wagga, 120Km east of Hay and we are roughly halfway between Sydney and Adelaide (a little closer to Sydney)


News from Amity Hancock and Uhavta Imposter

  • Very proud of our little Flynny (Uhavta Imposter) this weekend - super tests in the prelim with 71 and 72% to win the overall prelim championship. Wonderful comments from the judges too - Great job on a lovely pony with a great canter!. We also managed a couple of champions in the led ring.



Berwick Ag show

  • News from Kaylene Butterworth: Uhavta Royal Lullaby-Supreme Palomino at Berwick Ag show


RNCAS ANSA line up

Canberra Royal Show

  • Uhavta Hourglass-(rider Maddison Lloyd)1st and Champion Led APSB-RP exhibit, 4th ridden Arabian Derivative, 5th ridden Child's Riding pony.

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette-1st led APSB-RP ne 13.2hh, 2nd led buckskin mare,

  • Uhavta Linen N Lace- Placed in all led breed classes, 5h led ASP filly, 2nd led APSB-RP mare/filly over 13.2hh, 3rd led RP, 3rd les Arabian derivative filly, 4th led part welsh filly.

more photos on photogallery page

Thankyou so much to all who helped us at the show and behind the scenes. We had a lovely time away with friends and met new ones.

Special Thanks for show recruits-Kyle Baboth, Madison Lloyd, Helen Burns, and at home to Ally Lloyd, Johno, AL, Alannah Burns and the Buying family for looking after all the horses and garden at home


Barastoc Show

  • News from Melissa Molloy-Congratulations we are so proud of you. Relmsparc Sea Charm, top 10 open show hunter Galloway Barastoc HOTY 14! Such a spunky boy, 1st call in his heat and a ripper workout in the strongest class he's ever competed in! Could not be prouder of this boy and his improvement with every show! Huge congratulations to all the finalists! Thanks so much team RELMS for your support, could not get there without you!!!


January 2014


  • Uhavta Hourglass-Home produced Led senior show pony -Top 5, Home produced ridden senior show pony -Top 5

  • Uhavta Imitation-Newcomer ridden 12.2-13,2hh-5th

  • Uhavta Linen N Lace-Open 2+3yo exhibit -Top 5, Home produced 2+3yo -Top 5


Melbourne Royal Horse show

Wow what a Royal show. We are so proud of our own stock and stock that we have bred. We had a great team effort in producing our ponies at home. Thanks must go to the riders Helen Burns, Alannah Burns, Maddison Lloyd. The biggest thankyou to Kyle Baboth who leads our ponies, you are a star. While we are away we need to thank Ally Lloyd who is the foreman at home in charge of the thoroughbred's being worked and to the Buying family for looking after the farm at night and to our parents also keeping a close eye on the farm. Thanks also to Kristy Thompson for leading Bobbins out to the ring so she wouldn't miss her class. Our farrier who is always at our farm every fortnight doing horses feet. We also thank our Vets who assist us every year in breeding these lovely ponies. We need to thank the team at Melbourne as showing and preparing five horses/ponies isn't an easy task. AL, you always had food on the table. Lilly you are a star being number one photographer. (we had over 600 photos to go through between all three of you taking photos) The Videos were superb. Thanks also to the Chalmer clan. Dimity the girls loved the lessons and they are like sponges they keep soaking it all up. You also are a great hairdressor. Lastly thanks to our wonderful ponies for being so well behaved. Especially our youngstock. We thank all the people and the judges on the comments with our colt Murphy and filly Bobbins as it just re-enforces our breeding program that we are on the right track.

Kyle Baboth our wonderful leader and Dimity Chalmers our Hairdressor and Instructor.

  • Uhavta Royal Juliette-1st and champion led Buckskin mare/filly and supreme led Buckskin exhibit, 2nd led ASP mare and 3rd led APSB-RP mare.

  • Uhavta Hourglass-1st and champion led Galloway mare, 2nd ridden Galloway Mare, and placed in led ARP mare. ASPA mare  ridden and led, APSB-RP mare ridden, ANSA led.

  • Uhavta Imitation-1st ridden ASP mare 12.2-13.2hh, 2nd led RPSB mare 12.2-13.2hh, and place led ARP mare, placed led ASP mare, Placed Ridden Newcomer RPSB.

  • Uhavta Linen N Lace-2nd led open Galloway filly and placed ARP filly, ASPA fily, APSB-RP filly, and RPSB filly.

  • Uhavta Myluckyday-1st led APS colt, 2nd led open Galloway yearling colt,2nd led ARP yearling colt, and placced ANSA colt and RPSB colt.

Congratulations to the Ford family with Uhavta Royal Extravagance-saddlehorse champion small pony, Uhavta Earle Of Arrgoance (Pattinson Family) -lots of placings and to Kaylene Butterworth-with Uhavta Royal Juliette-multiple placing's and Reserve champion led junior ASP exhibit.

Uhavta Royal Juliette (Kaylene Butterworth)

More photos on Gallery page

Wyann Bounty and Alannah-Champion ridden child's welsh. (Photo credit: Derek OLeary)


Victorian APSB stud show.

  • Unfortunately we missed our first stud show for a few years. We had four ponies entered. Firstly we couldnt get ponies ready due to the heat as they were just sweating in the boxes and secondly our brothers farm at Tempy was under immediate threat. Luckily only a few kms of fence line burnt and approximately 50 heactares. Livestock saved and no lives of homes burnt.


When winds changed and it sent the fire heading back towards Ouyen. (Bronzewing)


Congratulations to Belsrose Park Stud (Joan, Jeff and Stephanie Bell)

  • Belrose Park Royal Sonnet is by Ainthorpe Graceful Sonnet (imp) out of our lovely mare Knightsbridge Royal that we purchased from Belrose stud. Belrose Park Royal Sonnet is 12.2hh and 4yo. He competed at the VASL saddle horse championships . This was his 4th show and he was top 10 in the First Season Small Pony, and beautifully ridden by Tahlia Bird. He is for sale. He is ready for a child rider. Please ring Joan for more information on  0422 176 834.





News from NSW

  • Kirreway Britannia has settled in well with her new family and is much loved by her new family. We couldn't have asked for a more loving family for her to live with. Toady we received beautiful pictures and letters. It bought tears to our eyes. We look forward to hearing more in the years ahead.

Thankyou Phoebe and Barbara for your lovely letter.


News from Danielle Lynd and Westrose Centre Stage (Themba) of Tasmania

Tasmanian Riding pony state show

  • Westrose Centre Stage-Reserve champion led gelding. Danielle know tells us that they think Themba will mature to large Galloway.


Welsh State Show & Pony Pageant (December 2013)

  • held on consecutive days. It was a very long, hot and hectic weekend but

  • Themba handled it extremely well and had his first "sleep over" and double

  • show! His behaviour was impeccable and he did rather well.

Saturday 14th December - Tasmania All Welsh Show

  • Judges: Robert Parker-Jones (UK)

  • Jonathan Batt (UK)

  • Robert Grant (NSW)

  • Part Welsh Junior: Gelding 2 years - 2nd and Reserve Champion Part Welsh Junior Gelding


Sunday 15th December - Pony Pageant Show

  • Judges: Robert Parker-Jones (UK)

  • Jonathan Batt (UK)

  • Robert Grant (NSW)

  • Saddle Pony:2yo any sex - 1st, Champion Youngstock Saddle Pony and Supreme Champion  ASPA Exhibit

  • Best Tasmanian Bred ASPA Exhibit - 1st

  • Riding Pony:,2yo any sex -2nd and Reserve Champion Youngstock Riding Pony

  • Best Tasmanian Bred RPSB Exhibit - 2nd

  • Show Pony Type:

  • Junior any sex 3 yrs & under - 2nd and Reserve Champion Show Pony Exhibit

  • Part-Bred Pony:

  • Junior any sex 3 yrs & under - 2nd and Reserve Champion Part-Bred Exhibit

  • Arabian Pony/Arabian Riding Pony, Part Arab under 14hh:

  • 2yo any sex -1st and Champion Youngstock Arabian

  • Best Tasmanian Bred - 1st

  • Part Welsh:

  • 2yo gelding - 2nd and Reserve Champion Youngstock Gelding



VASL Saddle Horse Champions

  • Uhavta Imitation (Maddy Lloyd)

  • Uhavta Hourglass (Alannah Burns)

    • Both ponies competed and did us proud. We are extremely please with how our young horses and riders performed. We also congratulate the other Uhavta Stock that competed, Uhavta Royal Extravagance (Ford family), Uhavta Glitz N Glamour and Uhavta Impressive (Virginia Osborne and Kinloh stables)-Finalist newcomer and rising star galloway.

    Uhavta Hourglass

    photo: Angie Rickard

    Uhavta Hourglass (Alannah Burns)

    Uhavta Imitation

    Photo: Angie Rickard

    Uhavta Imitation (Maddy Lloyd)

    Winner of Led pony 13-13.2hh, Uhavta Imitation led by Kyle Baboth.



    Uhavta Glitaz N Glamour (Teagan Lewis) and also ridden by Lilly Noles .


    Uhavta Impressive (Virginia Osborne and Kinloch stables) ridden by David Warde.



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