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Fenwick Odie

Fenwick Odie
21/08/2000 to 22/09/2020 (20 years)
Sire: Fenwick Whirlwind
Dam: Milbrae Odessa
Where to begin with this wonderful childís Shetland who was certainly an ambassador for the breed.
We wanted to purchase a Shetland black gelding up to height for a thoroughbred companion to befriend one of our thoroughbreds.
We contacted many studs and got lists back, Fenwick Stud were great to deal with and had chosen two for us to look at and we chose Odie. At the foal shows we only had an APSB-riding pony to take to the foal show at Werribee so Odie was prepared at late notice. He exceeded all expectations and was Supreme led Shetland.
Odie was shown extensively, was broken in and Kady Moore took to child proof and road him down the river etc.
Odie has a huge portfolio at shows winning supremeís, top tens at SHC shows, child champions at APSB shows and the list goes on.
Odieís truest accolade was educating children throughout Victoria. We have lost count to the numerous amounts of children that Odie taught to ride. I apologize if I donít have a photo. He was the kindest pony you could get and loved and adoured children.
Odie was taught to go in a cart but soon let us know that wasnít for him, he preferred people on his back.
He certainly did his job as a thoroughbred companion and went to Flemington on occasion.
Farewell our little Keg.
Odie Odie Odie ooh ooh ooh.
Condolence to his past family for the last four to five years-Charli Woodward. We are just so blessed that he found another little girl and family to love and Adour him.
Please share your stories of this wonderful little ambassador.
We welcome you to comment on photos and share your little stories of a wonderful pony. Please if we missed a photo of you on facebook send a photo and we will add. RIP dear little man.

A lovely video done by Alannah





Owned By the Woodward Family-December 2015

"Charli Meeting Odie for the first time."

Odies last bath at Uhavta.


(Odie at Oaks day Flemington 2014, lead rein pony Swan Hill show 2013)

Our beloved Odie is now owned by Charli Woodward and the Woodward family.

We purchased Odie as a foal to be a racehorse companion and child's pony.

Odie exceeded all our expectations.

Odie has had numerous children ride him and he has taught and given many children the confidence to ride solo.

Now it is Odie and Charli's turn. Please give Odie los of hugs and kisses from us, as he is sadly missed but we are excited at the same time for the bond that will grow with Odie and Charl.





S: Fenwick Whirlwind

D: Millbrae Odessa



photo credit: oz equestrian (RIGHT)


  • Numerous champion leds and is our famous mascot at the races with the thoroughbreds.


  • Top Eight ridden open shetland: Show hack council 2008.

  • Top Ten open ridden Shetland with Bridget O'Bree: V A S limited 2009.

  • 6th Lead rein Shetland Donna and Kelissa O'Shannesey: Barastoc HOTY 2009.

  • 1st turnout 7 years and under, 1st lead rein and 1st rider 7 years and under with Alannah Burns at her second show: Swan Hill Ag Show 2009.

At Barham/Koondrook Show 2009

  • Finalist rising star and Finalist open ridden shetland-ridden by Chelsea Clarke.V A S limited 2010.

  • Winner of the Shetland lead rein at VAS Limited saddle championships 2011 with Dakota Pinton-Pfieffer.

Photo credits: Julie Wilson

  • Top 6 rising star shetland with Chelsea Clarke: V A S limited saddle horse championships 2011.

  • Runner Up led lead rein shetland with Dakota Pinton-Pfieffer in the saddle: Barastoc 2011

  • 2nd in turnout, rider 6 and under with Katya in the saddle and David with the rein, 2nd in lead rein 8 years and under with Katya and David, 3rd open ridden shetland with Chelsea in the saddle, 1st in child's shetland rider 7 years and under with Katya, Katya then went on to win champion Child's ridden Shetland.-Victoria Shetland show 2011.

  •  Runner Up Lead Rein Shetland,Top 10 rising star shetland with Chelsea Clarke: VASL Saddle Horse championships 2012.

Special thankyou to Jodi, Chelsea and Ruby for preparing Odie.

Photos courtesy of Jodi Clarke

  • Winner of the smartest on parade and  Native lead rein: Swan hill Ag show 2012.

  • Finalist Lead rein (with Wentworth in the saddle), and finalist open ridden shetland (Alannah) in the saddle: SHVC 2012.

  • 3rd Lead rein shetland (Wentworth): VASL saddlehorse championships 2013.


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