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Omega Feeds

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Maxicoat $ 38.00 / Weight gain $40.00

 Omega Gold $28.50  / Omega Blue $34.00 

Just look at  our highlights at the bottom of this page since using omega feeds.


We began using Omega Feeds in October 2008 and look at our before and after results.

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 Uhavta Glitz N Glamour

Before Omega feeds-October 2008 / After using Omega Feeds-January 2009

Uhavta Royal Emerald



January 2009

Uhavta Royal Emerald-March 2009.

Uhavta Country Charm / Langtree Dignify

Both Horses are sponsored by Omega Feeds

Champion and reserve champion ridden Melbourne Royal Horse Show 2009.



Our foals were weaned February /March 2009 and have only been fed Omega feed products.

The results speak for themselves.


Uhavta Impressive



Uhavta Imposter


Now we use Omega feeds on all our thoroughbreds when coming into work before they require a grain feed.

Our breakers are being feed on omega feeds and they are breaking in very well and are maintaining there weight with all the addition work.


We highly recommend Omega feeds and we invite anyone to look at our horses and ponies.

We welcome anyone to come and look at the feed.