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NEWS  2019


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All owners of Uhavta horses we are happy to share your news.

 Please email photos and results.

November 2019

SHCV HOTY 2019-Newcomer

  • We had entered three newcomers and our galloway Uhavta Nightgown was scratched as rug had rubbed wither and was very tender. Uhavta Nice N Naughty "Cotten" (Uhavta Country Charm / Uhavta Buttons N Bows AI_UK) and our hack Now Or Never "Henry"-ASB Henrys Affair worked sensational and had a huge day. We couldnt be prouder of how they worked and I am so proud of Alannah-you are riding sensationally and work so hard educating the Uhavta horses under saddle , Thanks to Judi Kaponica for the lessons Friday and tune ups Saturday. The horses and Alannah learn something from you every single lesson. Thanks to the competitors that commented on our horses. There were many lovely horses at the show. We decided to come home Saturday as we had races at Swan Hill and the horses had worked hard all day, so decided not to start them in the open. Cotten finished 9th in the KRO class on the Saturday and certainly told us she had done enough in the led, and decided she didnt want to show how pretty she was in the led class. Think they enjoyed the paddock Sunday instead of staying at Werribee..


Photo credit: Derek O'Leary



Photo credit: Angie Rickard




 Photo credit: Derek O'Leary


Got some photos from early on in the year from Angie Rickard


Uhavta Kensington at VASL


Uhavta Myluckyday (Brigid Dunn) at Bordershow SHC


All our horses have now changed over to Hygain/Mitavite



Echuca Ag

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-  Champion Led ASP Mare , Champion led pony , Champion led RPSB exhibit , Champion ridden ASPA , Champion ridden breeds ,  Champion ridden part welsh ,  Champion ridden Pony , Supreme Led ASP exhibit ,  Supreme Led Exhibit of Show.


Uhavta Royal Emerald heads to her new home with Allison and Paige Russell.

October 2019

Australian Saddle pony Show

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion Led ASP studbook, Supreme led Senior ASP. Best newcomer ridden, champion ridden ASP studbook




Barham-Koondrook Ag

  • Uhavta Nightgown-1st and champion ridden Galloway

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-1st and champion ridden large pony, 1st led riding pony, champion led riding pony and supreme led exhibit of show.

  • Now Or Never-1st and reserve champion ridden hack, 2nd in rider



Boort Ag show

  • Uhavta Nightgown-Champion led arabian derivative and 1st ridden Arabian derivative, 1st and Reserve champion ridden Galloway.

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-1st and champion ridden large pony, 1st led riding pony, champion led riding pony and 1st ridden riding pony and champion ridden breeds.

  • Now Or Never-1st ridden hack

  • Alannah-Champion rider




thankyou to the wonderful sponsors that keep this traditional Ag show running.

Swan Hill Ag Show-huge show for us

Friday- highlights below

  • Uhavta Nice N , Naughty Champion led APSB RP Mare/filly, Champion Led Arabian Derivative Mare / filly  ,Champion Led ASP Mare/filly , Champion Led RPSB Mare/filly, Champion ridden District Exhibit, Reserve champion ridden breeds Mare/Filly , Supreme Led Mare / filly of show

  • Uhavta Raise Your Glass (thanks for grabbing the lead Brad Cole) Champion Led ASPA male Exhibit, Champion Led RPSB stallion/colt , Reserve champion led Arabian derivative male, Supreme Led Riding Pony , Supreme Led Stallion / colt of show

  • Now Or Never Champion Led Thoroughbred exhibit , Reserve champion led ANSA exhibit , Reserve champion Led District Exhibit ,

Saturday highlights below

  • all horses got wins champions and reserves.

  • Alannah won smartest on parade, champion rider and champion district rider.




Wade Equine NSW HOTY.

News from Uhavta Jackpot and Elka: Champion rider 9-12 years, and Uhavta Nightlife first show top five newcomer Galloway.(ridden by Matt Snell) 

Uhavta Myluckyday: Champion child's Galloway with Brigid Dunn . They have also been on a roll winning supremes at Ag shows. Congratulations

September 2019

Robinvale-Euston show-Highlights

  • Uhavta Nightgown-.Champion first season ridden Galloway, Champion led Arabian/Arabian derivative , Champion ridden Galloway, Reserve Champion led ASPA ,

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion first season large pony, Champion first season pony all heights, Champion Led APSB RP/APSB PB, Champion Led Open pony, Champion ridden large pony, Champion ridden riding pony ,Reserve champion led riding pony, Supreme Led breeds , Supreme ridden breeds

  • Now Or Never Champion Led ANSA exhibit, Champion led open large hack ,Champion ridden ANSA, Champion ridden First Season Hack. Champion ridden large hack, Champion senior rider , Led OTT thoroughbred,  Reserve champion led thoroughbred, Reserve champion ridden thoroughbred,

Hay Ag Show

  • Uhavta Nightgown, Uhavta Nice N Naughty, Now Or Never: Wins in riddens, Champion led breeds and Reserve champion ridden breeds.


August 2019

  • Alannah playing with photos


  • We purchase a new thoroughbred gelding. Introducing Dangerpet. (Dangerous/ Tycoon Pet)




  • News from Tanya and Maggie Herring with Uhavta Head Over Heels winning heaps at West Toowoomba Gymkana-Congratulations




  • News from Nerida Corbett and Stacey McMasters Uhavta Kensington winning supreme ridden at Tullamore show




Wentworth Ag Show (all newcomers and so well behaved, only did the open rings)

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty : won and reserve champion

  • Uhavta Nightgown: won and Reserve champion and Alannah 1st and Reserve champion intermediate rider.

  • Now Or Never; won under saddle



Barham-Koondrook Gymkana

  • Uhavta Nightgown: Champion Led Galloway, Champion ridden Galloway, Supreme Ridden Exhibit and Alannah was champion rider and Supreme Rider .

  • Now Or Never: Champion Led hack and champion ridden Hack

July 2019

  • We purchased a new filly to race. Introducing Lady Maggie (Magnus/ Initial Venture)



  • News from Hannah Fischer with Uhavta Impressive winning Champion small hunter at the  AHHA Hunter saddle and Horse show.



  • News from Michelle Haber with Gandarah Country Road (by Uhavta Country Charm) winning at the AHHA championships. Champion large Show Hunter with Emma Adams



 News from Tanya Herring who has recently purchased Uhavta Head Over Heels for her daughter Maggie.

  • The have starting attending shows together and are doing extremely well together and have received the Queensland Ambassador Sponsorship to attend the Arabian Youth National Championships in Sydney.




Swan Hill Gymkana

  • Started our newcomer hack Now or Never (Henry's Affair): Champion Led hack, Champion ridden Hack, first OTT and Alannah was Champion rider.

June 2019

Lovely collages done by Alannah.

Uhavta Quick N Quirky and Uhavta County Charm looking over his daughtes Uhavta Nice N Naughty, Uhavta Linen N Lace and Uhavta Quick N Quirky.



  • just weaned our own two foals and now have the show team back in.


  • Congratulations to Stacy McMasters and Uhavta Kensington, Champion Pony at Coonabaran inter-schools NSW, Supreme ridden breeds Coonamble, Champion rider and reserve champion ridden pony at Dubbo




  • Congratulations to Elka and Uhavta Jackpot " from her Mum Kristi "Elks was blown away (me even more!) that her primary school mentioned her recent results from the Grand National and Sydney Royal! Proud as punch of my 11 year old"

  • Congratulations to the Haber family with Gandarah Country Road (by Uhava Country Charm) Champion at Bathurst Roal.

April / May 2019

  • Been weaning thoroughbreds for the Hobson family.

  • Purchased two more thoroughbred yearling fillies ("Alice" alias "Whoopy" Bay filly-Bullet Train / Prime Choice (NZ), Chestnut filly, alias "Ginger"-Warhouse (NZ) / Thikra.


  • We also purchased a tried horse (Mare-Daydream Explorer) from Sydeny to get ready for the Hothman Maiden at Ballarat.

March 2019

Royal Adelaide Autumn Royal (more photos on Gallery page photo credits: Horse trials SA)

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty  

    • Champion led ASPA mare,

    • Champion Led PB/APSB senior pony,

    • Champion led RP mare ,  

    • Champion Led ASPA studbook , 

    • Reserve champion led Arabian derivative mare,  

    • Reserve champion led part welsh mare,

    • Reserve champion ridden non pure bred exhibit ,

    • Supreme Led ASPA


  • Uhavta Linen N Lace

    • Champion led Arabian Derivative mare,

    • Reserve champion led RP show hunter mare,


  • Uhavta Kensington

    • Champion Led Arabian Derivative Gelding,

    • Champion led ASP gelding,

    • Champion led part welsh gelding,

    • Champion Led PB/APSB RP gelding,

    • Runner Up Supreme led part welsh,  

    • Supreme Led non pure APSB gelding,


  • Uhavta Raise Your Glass

    • Champion led junior Arabian derivative ,

    • Champion led junior ASPA exhibit, 

    • Reserve champion led Riding pony stallion/colt,  

    • Supreme Led Arabian Derivative ,


  • Uhavta Quick N Quirky

    • Champion led PB/APSB RP filly,

    • Reserve champion led Junior Arabian Derivative ,

    • Reserve champion led junior ASP exhibit,  

    • Supreme Led non pure APSB filly, colt, Stallion/mare ,


  • Alannah:

    • Champion junior handler,  

    • Reserve champion led dilutes handler ,



Grand Nationals SHC


  • Congratulations to Kyle Baboth making his rider class at Grand Nationals. Thank you to Kate Ramsay for allowing Kyle to ride your beutiful Inafrenzy (photo credit: Lorelle Merceer)

Uhavta Jackpot and Kristi Helene daughter Elka at Grand NAtionals 2019-3rd rider 9-12.

  • Also congratulations to Uhavta Country Charm stock competing at Grand Nationals. Uhavta Myluckyday, Uhavta Impressive, Uhavta Jackpot and Gandarah Country Road.

Cohuna Ag Show

  • Uhavta Kensington

    • Champion led riding pony,

    • Champion ridden large Pony ,

    • Reserve Champion Led ASP ,

    • Supreme led exhibit


  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty

    • Champion led Arabian/Arabian derivative ,

    • Reserve Champion led riding pony ,  

    • Reserve champion ridden Large Pony ,


Wakool Ag show

  • Uhavta Kensington

    • Champion led APSB riding pony / part bred,

    • Champion ridden breeds,

    • Champion ridden large pony,  

    • Reserve champion led ASP exhibit


  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty

    • Reserve Champion Led Arabian/ Arabian Derivative,

    • 1st ridden pony 13.2-14.2hh


  • Alannah

    • Champion intermediate rider


February 2019

Canberra Royal Show (RNCAS)

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty

    • Champion Led part welsh mare/filly,  

    • Supreme Led part welsh exhibit,

    • Champion led APSB riding pony,

    • Reserve champion led Arabian Derivative,

  • Uhavta Kensington

    • Reserve Champion Led RP gelding


  • Uhavta Line n Lace and Uhavta Quick N Quirky: Placed in part welsh, AHSA, APSB, RPSB and ASP classes



Battle of the borders

  • Uhavta Myluckyday and Brigid Dunn-1st led galloway 14.2-15hh and Best led galloway, champion preliminary galloway 14-15hh, Top 10 large saddle galloway (2, 6, 10 ), Top 10 childs galloway (3)

photo credit: Little More Grace

Barastoc HOTY



  • Uhavta Quick N Quirky: Champion led RP filly, placed part welsh and AHSA.

  • Uhavta Raise Your Glass winner of part welsh colt class and place RP and AHSA.


Uhavta Intune N Intime was sold.

  • Left for her new home on Monday 11/2/19 (photos of being loaded, missing the tears as she drove out the driveway). We wish her new owner John Walker all the best with Ivy. We thank Toni Ambrose for allowing Ivy to build a strong partnership with Alannah. They had a great time together and built up a great bond. Thank you to Judi Kaponica for all the lessons to have Ivy and Alannah going kindly together in the ring and building up the trust of a horse and rider.

January 2019

SHC SA-Summer Spectacular and Junior Showcase (more professional photos to come and others on photogallery )

Photo credit: Little More Grace



  • Uhavta Intune N Intime-Runner Up show hunter Galloway

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion ridden newcomer large Pony


SA Welsh Promotional Group qualifier

  •     Both Uhavta Kensington and Uhavta Nice N Naughty qualified


APSB POTY 2019 (professional photos to come)

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion led APSB RP of the Year (thank you to sponsor APSB Yarra Valley Promotional Group)

  • Uhavta Kensington-3rd led APSB RPOTY and Champion ridden APSB RP OTY (thank you to sponsor Pocket Ponies)

Riding Pony Of The Year 2019

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-2nd led show pony 13.2-14.2hh, 1st ridden newcomer 13.2 to 14.2hh and 2nd ridden show pony 13.2 to 14.2hh

  • Uhavta Kensington-1st led show pony 12.2-13.2hh, Runner Up Led Show pony, 1st ridden show pony 12.2 to 13.2hh , Runner Up home produced ridden exhibit.

  • Uhavta Quick N Quirky-2nd led 2yo filly ne 13hh

Victorian Saddle Horse Championships 2019 (professional photos to come)

  • Uhavta Kensington Only been under saddle for just over 18 months. So excited that he performed well and was Runner Up Rising Star and Top 5 Open large pony.

  • Uhavta Intune N Intime-Top five hunter Galloway 14-14.2hh

  • Uahvta Nice N Naughty-Runner Up led large pony.


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