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Uhavta Nice N Naughty

Uhavta Nice 'N" Naughty..







  • Sire: Uhata Country Charm

  • Dam: Uhavta Buttions N Bows (AI-UK)

  • DOB: 21/10/13

  • Bay Filly


Sister to :


Photo taken 15/11/13-March 2014

Photo credit: Robyn Cuzen




  • Winner of the Eqinade-Home produced junior riding pony ,Finalist Top 5-Kiera Park Led yearling riding pony (Cotten) Finalist Top 5.SUPREME WINNER-Chippenham Trophy Supreme Led Junior Riding Pony (Junior Led Home Produced Show Pony & Show Hunter, Junior Led Show Hunter, Show Pony Yearling , ShowPony 2 & 3yr (Redpath’s): EQUINADE RUBY ANNIVERSARY RIDING PONY OF THE YEAR SHOW 2015

  • ARP filly yearling   - 2nd , Led part welsh yearling 12.2-13.2hh - 2nd , Led RPSB yearling 12.3-13.3 - 4th ,*Led APSB RP  filly - 2nd and Reserve champion led APSB-RP Mare/filly: Royal Melbourne Horse Show 2015.

  •  Champion Junior Led Arabian Derivative, Champion Led Non pure bred /riding pony Mare or filly,Champion led RPSBS Filly, Reserve champion led ASP junior exhibit ,Reserve champion led part welsh exhibit    and Supreme Champion Led RPSBs Exhibit: Adelaide Royal Autumn Breeds Show 2015


    • 1st led home produced youngstock and Champion led Home produced. 1st led medium height youngstock Riding pony ne 13.2hh Riding pony Masters 2016

    • finalist home produced youngstock, finalist 2yo exhibit over 13hh and Runner Up best 2yo exhibit. Riding Pony Of The Year Show 2016


  • 1st led 2+3 yo Riding pony over 13hh-Barastoc Riding pony Ring 2016.

  • 1st led 2+3 yo filly and champion Led part welsh Filly and Best Part welsh youngstock.-Barastoc Welsh Ring

  • Champion led junior Arabian derivative ,Champion led RPSBS filly ,Supreme champion Led RPSBS exhibit ,Supreme champion Led Arabian derivative ,Reserve champion led part welsh mare/filly: Adelaide Autumn Breeds Royal 2016

  • Champion led APSB derivative and place ASP filly, Arabian Derivative filly, Part welsh: Canberra Royal 2017.



photo credit: Kerri Afford

  • Champion led RPSB filly 3 years and under ,Champion Led APSB riding pony,Champion led junior Arabian derivative,Champion led part welsh mare/filly ,Reserve champion led ASP junior exhibit : Adelaide Autumn Royal Breeds Show 2017

    Horizon Photography-More photos on Photo gallery page

    Canberra 2018

    Junior Showcase-SHCV 2018

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty

    APSB POTY 2019 (professional photos to come)

    • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion led APSB RP of the Year (thank you to sponsor APSB Yarra Valley Promotional Group)

    SHC SA-Summer Spectacular and Junior Showcase (more professional photos to come and others on photogallery )

    Photo credit: Little More Grace



    • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion ridden newcomer large Pony

    Canberra Royal Show (RNCAS) 2019

    • Uhavta Nice N Naughty

      • Champion Led part welsh mare/filly,  

      • Supreme Led part welsh exhibit,

      • Champion led APSB riding pony,

      • Reserve champion led Arabian Derivative,

Royal Adelaide Autumn Royal (more photos on Gallery page photo credits: Horse trials SA)

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty  

    • Champion led ASPA mare,

    • Champion Led PB/APSB senior pony,

    • Champion led RP mare ,  

    • Champion Led ASPA studbook , 

    • Reserve champion led Arabian derivative mare,  

    • Reserve champion led part welsh mare,

    • Reserve champion ridden non pure bred exhibit ,

    • Supreme Led ASPA


SHCV HOTY 2019-Newcomer


Photo credit: Derek O'Leary



Photo credit: Angie Rickard

Victorian Saddle Horse championships 2019





Derek Oleary

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion ridden newcomer large Pony, and 1st led large pony


  • J Pictures from Samantha Taylor of Uhavta Nice N Naughty at the APSB POTY where she won the Led APSB RP Title and the APSB RP ridden title of the year.




Australian Pony and Breeders Show

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Champion Led APSB RP MAre/filly, Supreme Led APSB RP exhibit, and Champion ridden APSB RP exhibit

BACH -Welsh show

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-Supreme champion Led part welsh, and 1st ridden welsh over 13.2hh

EV Summer Show Show (RPOTY, BACH-Welsh, APSB POTY)






Mane Photography  


  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty-

    • Supreme Led Senior riding pony

    • Champion led senior show pony

    • Champion led Home Produced / Amature

    • Reserve champion handler

    • Champion newcomer 2019

Barastoc HOTY

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty -Great on circle in newcomer then individual workout she thought there was gremlins around the side of the ring. Lol only videos for 10 seconds and knew that was it.She did redeem her herself later and worked beautiful. Reserve champion led and first ridden home produced in riding pony ring
    Second in led large pony. Thankyou to Ben for leading her in championship.

  • Alannah champion rider in riding pony ring .

  • Now or Never went super in his newcomer and owner rider class.

Photos from Angie Rickard


Canberra Royal 2020-RNCAS

Photos: Little More Grace and Julie Wilson

  • Uhavta Nice N Naughty 1st led riding pony mare, 1st led part welsh mare, 1st led APSB-RP mare.


May 2020

News from the RPSBS

  • Alannah and Uhavta Nice N Naughty won great awards with the National High Point Scheme.


  • They won together

    • National overall High point winner.

    • winner state award for Victoria

    • Winner National High Point Led show/hunter pony

    • Runner Up National High Point Ridden show/hunter pony

    • Winner National High Point Junior Owner / Rider Overall

    • Winner National High Point Junior Rider Handler 12-18 years

Uhavta stud thanks the RPSBS for running this event and also the wonderful sponsors that make this possible.

Thanks you to Supreme Horsewear, Duncan EQUINE group, Hufgloken and Barastoc.


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